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Quarter Midget Racers from Late 50's/early 60's

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This pic showed up on the internet somewhere.... anyone know about it?



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I see two Walhborg 300's and 1 Viking Craft in the background. The red racer appears to be a Wahlborg 500 and looks like late 50's early 60's is the setting.


Remember there were hundreds of race tracks across the nation during this time era. Looks like the pit area in Sunny California but other than that it was a typical time of the early quarter midget years.


Maybe someone was there who can help us here

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David, send us photos

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Viking 1/4 Midget restored in tribute to Danny Caruthers restored by Bruce Selby of Magnolia, Texas. The midget participated in this years Auto Rama, Houston, Texas


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On 8/2/2010 at 11:36 PM, Midget 85 said:






These two Pacemakers have been radically changed from their original production as to suspension and friction side shocks.


They are rare non the less and could use a lot of restoration work.

I bought these cars about 2011, cheap - these are the seller's photos (Beaver Dam, WI???)   Restored one (the green one was finished in yellow,  pictured below) - sold the other to a retired midget racer.  Finally discovered they're Pacemakers, and got to know Danny Ruth via emails.   Then Doug Schiller.  Both great guys.   I got hooked building new old cars - 1/4s and 1/2s ...  and some restoring.  This forum is new to me, so I'll toss in some pictures - hope they all load up.   

The two Kurtis 500 Supers and the Pacemaker are obviously commercial cars - I built the rest, including a Werner up-right car from plans.   Well in fairness,  AJ Watson built the full-size Sun City roadster ...

The scratchbuilts take 8 months - 2 yrs.  Restorations go quicker.  The current project started as a NOS Moss 1/2 midget body - 3rd Moss for me.   Rather than replicate the factory channel frame, I chose to go the Birdcage Maserati route with a space-frame and  independent front susp, inboard coil-overs thru bellcranks.   Buddy of mine found 50's diecast mag wheels, 8" diameter - which will really work well on the rear of the Moss.   They  were submerged in a pond for 15 yrs (!), but they're period-correct and savable.   Engines are heavy so I  display them separately.   

So many projects, so little time....    



finished, delivery day  (2471).jpg

finished, with Pacemaker 9-5-2013.JPG

TB's lettering 001.jpg

Kurtis numbered and lettered on Burbank trailer - PICT3179.JPG

Sun City roadsters (2), Carrie seated,  & frame + Van's Kurtis half.jpg

2007 collection, Miller Meet at the Mile.JPG

A half midget version and the real McCoy, owned by Bob Boyce.jpg

final assembly, Gregg  3-8-2012.jpg

Scott's shots 010 IMG_3819.JPG

Scott's shots 018 IMG_3815.JPG


a new grill - new chrome, PICT2516 (2).jpg

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What a great addition to this thread.   Thanks for posting, Gregg!

I hadn't realized how many pages are in this thread until I sat down to read from the beginning. 


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