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  1. Looking for a Bandolero

    How old is your daughter? I know the bandolero class has been quite low on car count in this area for several years. Have you looked into 1/4 midgets? 1/4 midget drivers range in age from 5-16 in several levels of class and experience.
  2. Any idea as to when the 2021 schedule will be released?
  3. Spec shocks

    So are the QA1s not approved anymore?
  4. Spec shocks

    From the most current Lone Star Legacy rule book Shocks Only one, non­adjustable, stock, steel, QA1 7564, which is a 75 Series Steel chrome plated, twin tube shock with a 6" stroke and a #4 valving rate, or the Pro Shock SB 64, which was legal under the original Allison Legacy rules and prior editions of the Lone Star Legacy rules, is permitted per wheel. The only adjustable device allowed on the shock is the spring adjustment nut. No re­valving or altering of internal components of stock shocks permitted. No custom made or “tie­down” shocks permitted. 1. Springs: Only 1­7/8” inside diameter, 10” long, steel coil over springs permitted. The spring must be mounted in coil over form over the shock. 2. No sway bars on the front or rear permitted. But check with Jason Simental “Getzum” on here for clarification.
  5. TSTRS - Input needed

    Beforie adding a new series and having to pay an excessive purse just to draw them, why not pay a purse to all the series you currently have showing up and racing? As a driver in the legacy series we have raced at Kyle and HMP for the last several years without any purse payed by the track. After looking back at all races this year at HMP the Legacies have the highest average car count. And that, I would think, deserves some sort of compensation from the track. Now I know TSTRS hasen't been running the show all season but, I think you should take care of the classes you have before adding more. Especially since they themselves have said the purse would have to be substantial for them to even consider showing up. Just my .02
  6. Nascar Martinsville

    I would have hoped for them to wreck each other and neiteher of them cross the finish line.
  7. HMP

    Here is an edited list with paid entry and registrations received by Jason J Remore #7 -paid J Simental # 37-paid J Berendsen #5-paid C Chadwick #34-paid C Mize #15-paid R Mize #51-paid M Perz #19 D Tipton #?? P Michel #23? A Bean #44 J Huff #32 B Harden #63-paid T Barclay #??-paid E Spaulding #? K Leslie #8 No response as of yet: A Sampson #01 D Sampson #04 D Harris #1 M Yevcak #48
  8. Even though these races are mostly about car count, we still need to have tech insp to keep the integrity of the series and keep everyone honest. If we choose to not do tech what's stopping anybody from cheating to win the purse money?
  9. HMP July 8th race

    I'm in #7
  10. HMP

    I think they may be using the announcer/driver info form for registration.
  11. HMP

    HMP registration form. Maybe Nick can post a link or copy it and post it here for those without Facebook.
  12. HMP

    Ok drivers. Just announced was the nascarts filling one of the support classes for the July race with 15 preregistered cars. Everybody needs to fill out a registration form for us to have a chance to fill the remaining spot.
  13. HMP

    Just released by HMP Oval Track Racers on Facebook: Racers - For all the practice dates posted the Saturday dates will be for Pro Mods, Late Models, Pro Trucks, Super Stocks, and Outlaw Super Stocks. The Sunday dates will be for Naskarts, Eco Stocks, Pro Sedans, Legacy's, Dwarfs, and Legends. Practice Dates: April 29th & 30th, May 20th & 21st, June 24th & 25th, August 26th and 27th, and September 9th & 10th.
  14. HMP

    Here are the scheduled practice dates at HMP. April 29th & 30th May 20th & 21st June 24th & 25th August 29th and 30th September 16th & 17th. Im not sure how/if it will be divided among the classes. The last time Saturday was reserved for late models, mods and trucks, and Sunday was for all others.
  15. HMP

    It would probably be beneficial on the series behalf if we have a good showing at as many of the practice dates too. With that said I won't be there on the April date due to previous engagements.