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  1. I have a 5.67 ring & pinion for sale. Used but looks nice with no apparent wear. $100 830 377-6162
  2. I have 2 Frankland quickchange rear ends that are set up for crate motors. Both have 4.11 R&P, REM polished, ceramic bearings, low drag seals and hardened input shafts. One is set up with steel tubes, Vogel snouts, hubs and rotors. The other is set up with alum tubes, bolt on W5 snouts, Magnesium W5 hubs and rotors. The 5X5 has 40 laps on it, the W5 is new and never run. They were over $3600 each new. $1000 for the 5X5 and $1200 for the W5. 830 377-6162 20201209_160842.mp4
  3. Oil pans have some surface rust but will clean up. $25 each BOWTIE BLOCK is a 184 casting block and will bore all the way to 4.155. It has splayed Oliver caps, sleeved lifter bores and an after market 1 piece rear seal adapter. Rear cap is dry sump. Can be converted to wet sump. These are $1800 from GM. $750 or make me an offer! 830 377-6162
  4. I'd go with Amazon or rocket55.
  5. I've got plenty of bar weights. $3.00/lb. If you're interested. 830 377-6162
  6. Mud-Drags Wreck in West TX

    Actually, starting yesterday it's all over social media including video. Racing is just not high on the priority list for cable. Go on FB, YouTube etc. and you can find all the details.
  7. This is not racing related, but hoping one of you gear heads out there might have what I need. I'm looking for driver and passenger side front fender inner liners for a 1955 - 1957 Chevy 3100 P/U. If you've got some, call me at 830 377-6162
  8. Ha! How in the world do people always notice what's in the background. Only a true gear head!!!
  9. so youre saying theres a chance?<sarcasm>

    Kansas City

    I've got 2 sets. One is a Shoenfeld with 3" collectors and the other is a Dynatech with 4" collectors. If you'll PM me or text me at 830 377-6162 with your ph # I'll text you pictures.

    I'll look today and let you know. Pretty sure I've got 1 set, maybe 2 left but I need to be sure they are not spread port.
  12. Rodney, I think it's going to take more than a weed eater. Last time we raced there the asphalt was coming apart in turn 1/2 and they had put down a patch that was so rough you had to drive around it. All those weeds are not growing in asphalt. They are in the cracks.

    I've got 2 Frankland Crate Q/C rearends. Both are magnesium centers, 4.11 R&P, HiTuff input shafts and all rotating parts are REM polished, ceramic bearings and low drag seals. One has steel tubes, Vogel/Howe snouts, Wilwood rotors and calipers, 5X5 hubs. It has 1 race on it since new. The other is alum tube with bolt on W5 snouts and Frankland W5 magnesium hubs. Never been run since new. These were $3600 ea new. We don't race any classes that allow Q/C rears so I'm just trying to get $1200 for the steel tube and $1300 for the alum tube. If you have any questions, call me at 830 377-6162 Rusty PS Pretty sure I have some 3/8 roller rockers. I'd just have to look thru some of the boxes.

    No, all the metric suspension parts are sold. Just have a small amount of Camaro and Metric Ford LTD suspension parts left.

    Yes, but it's been pretty well picked thru. If anyone is interested I've just been telling everyone to come out and rummage thru it. There are still some good parts left, but most the everyday stuff people are looking for is gone eg. all engines, springs, shocks, MSD boxes, carbs, Ford 9", etc. I've still got 2 really nice Frankland Crate Q/C's, some vortec style intakes, some dist parts, crossover headers, bare Bowtie block etc.