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    Ha! We need to go together and have a gigantic garage sale.

    I could only find 1 spindle, but didn't have much time to rummage thru the bins. I'll look again tomorrow to see if I can find the other one.

    Pretty sure I've got the spindles, but no 4150's. I'll check the spindles tomorrow.

    HA!!! I've probably got some of Mickey's parts in there too.

    Well, I guess now that I think about it, if I had to make a comment about it, it would probably be "WOW!!!". Sorry for taking it as a negative comment.

    Don't know what that means, but if it's regarding the Intercomp rolloff scale pad levelers, those are $995.00 new/set. To sell them for $100 is giving them away.

    The Q/C rear end with hubs and brackets is 65" hub face to hub face. It was used on a asphalt modified. Q/C axle tubes are bolted in so it can be made as narrow as you want it, you'd just have to buy a new axle for whatever side you cut down. I used to build them so I know it's not hard. Here's the build details: I have 2 Franklin Crate Q/C rearends. Both are 4.11 R&P, ceramic bearings, low drag seals, HiTuff treated and REM polished R&P and input shaft. 1 is W5 bolt on snouts, alum tubes and was set up for an asphalt crate late model. It's never been run since bought new. I can also provide gun drilled axles and Magnesium hubs with ceramic bearings and low drag hubs at extra cost. The other is a steel tube with Vogel snouts, gun drilled axles, alum 5X5 hubs with ceramic bearings and low drag seals and was set up for an asphalt modified (Gulf Coast Series). It has approx 3 races on it. I'm selling them for $1500 ea They cost $3600 ea new.

    I'd sell them for $100. They've practically never been used. I've got 2 sets of them, plus I built a set that are 12" high and those are the ones I used the most.

    No, all those seats are 18". I"ll measure the rearend tomorrow and let you know.
  10. I have 15 yrs worth of accumulation of racing parts. Whole engines & engine parts, rearends, headers, tools, springs, shocks, spindles, hubs & rotors, brake calipers and on and on. I had to move out of my shop into a shed and everything's for sale. Tell me what you need and I'll let you know if I have it and price. Better yet come by and rummage thru the pallets of parts (In New Braunfels). Call me for an appointment 830 377-6162.
  11. ISO LLM tires

    Ron Sprayue has a bunch of them.
  12. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    I hate to stir this pot some more, but some shocks do pick up a car. You all are forgetting about gas charged shocks. The gas pressure within the shock adds upward lift (even though it's extremely small), and shock builders have to take that into consideration when valving a tie down shock. In other words, if you push down the front end of a BBSS car with pressurized tie down shocks it may return all the way to ride height, but if you replace that shock with a non pressurized tie down it may have a greater amount of what's called "Hysteresis" which is the difference between where the rebound would return with no resistance and where it actually returns. All suspensions have hysteresis because all suspensions have resistance/friction. Now don't jump all over me, it's the truth.
  13. From all the car pictures posted a 1/4 mile track should do!
  14. 2019 I-37 race schedule

    Would it be possible to post which classes will race on each of the race dates?