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  1. I build 22 gauge steel body's






    1. Latemodel14z


      Good looking work. I plan on running in Houston area also is why I was looking for aluminum. Thanks

  2. purestock

    My brother was driving the number 11 car Saturday night. Yes it has a aluminum body, but he had to make it weigh 3400 lbs. to race. His car and the 22t have done there home work on driving and setup on these cars. I plan on building a car for this class and yes it will have a steel body, but I am not going to spend an arm and a leg on shipping for body panels. There are people out there that build steel factory looking bodies in texas.
  3. LLM Schedule for August

    Thanks drew
  4. LLM Schedule for August

    Billy Ragsdale drives the 44 car and has made all 3 races and is not on the list.