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  1. E mod

    from approx 15 years of age to over 50.
  2. E-Mod Tires

    flyin 34 appreciate the post. I stand corrected. It was illegal back when Owen ran the track,but knew i had not seen that it was currently or since last year.
  3. E-Mod Tires

    Alright boys and girls get to work. Grooving is lots of fun.
  4. E-Mod Tires

    I have owned a car in this class since the inception, & do not ever remember any rule stating that the grooving of tires was illegal. If someone out there has a copy of earlier rules that shows that is was, please post. Personally I think the asphalt pull offs there are going to be more trouble than the benefit you might gain. Here are a couple of things to consider. 1. There are 3 sizes we can run, 26.0, 26.5, & 27.0. Depending on what you end up with this is going to affect the roll out they have over the Southwest Speed tire. 2. For those of us currently running in this class we most likely have your gearing setup to what produces the most speed with regards to the chip. So if you go to the pull offs you will most likely need to change the rear gear. 3. If we are not allowed to groove the tires the car will not do well in the heats un-grooved so are we going to have two sets of tires, 1 for the heat & 1 for the feature? 4. I have not found these tires just laying around, so I believe just getting them is going to be an issue. Not saying they are not available period, other states still have plenty of asphalt tracks but do you want to add to the expense of the tire with the additional cost of freight. As I understand it the idea behind using pull offs was to reduce the cost. I have been weighing all of this & I think we will just stay with the Southwest Speed tire, know where to get them & how long they last. Well as long as we are competitive with others on pull offs.
  5. E-Mod Tires

    Why would anyone take a perfectly grooved factory tire & groove it some more? Just doesn't made sense!
  6. e-mod toppless

    Ken we get it. Zach got after it last night. Will use some of the extra sheet metal I have laying around here (from all of the courteous close contact racing ((ha ha)) )to cover the halo. Will be no different than what we had before. Think it would be good ida to add the spoiler back in, to add some of your pizzaz.
  7. emods

    Just wanted to comment as to who this class was designed for. When Owen Pittman started this class it was designed to give beginners a place to move up to, youth go kart drivers and pures moving into a new class. It was not intended for modified drivers to move down to even though that was allowed. One of the other provisions of the class was to keep it cheap. The only two changes from the original set of rules we're adding headers and power glide transmissions to what was already allowed stock manifolds and turbo 350 transmissions. This class has been very successful as was intended let's keep it that way.
  8. Attn: E-Mod drivers

    The 22 would also like to know if class is running rev limiter chips as run at home track?
  9. Go kart rules

    there are kart rules posted on the stxspeedwayracing.com/?page_id=8
  10. Championship Weekend

    Here is what I think about Friday Night. @#*%.$!^)%!*%^#@%*(#%$!&,<? Not really, we will be there.
  11. track conditions

    I am at the corner of Ayers & Saratoga & it is coming down pretty good.
  12. Back-To-School Bash

    Hey to 2damslow why you up so damn early?
  13. questionable calls

    Nick I have seen two posts from you regarding things going over the line, bashing etc and your need to edit such posts. I have not read anything offensive, what are you referring to?
  14. Sport Compacts, Front Runners, Thunders, Mini Stock

  15. Racing Update

    Any dove hunting going on?