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  1. Thank you racers and fans!!!!

    Any results posted
  2. Most all classes with the 602 crate motor have always had a re-stricter chip at 6200 CTS and I think the SSMods did also the Powder Metal connecting rods will not last over high RPM but it does not change the horse power or power band the camshaft is designed for about 6000 RPMs. Kenny Hurley and Robert Barker set the track record with a crate motor and a 6200 RPM chip .
  3. 2018 Season

    You Salazar guys always have really nice race cars congrats on the new truck Good luck on the season
  4. Lone Star Street Stock Series

    I don’t use Facebook very much so do you have a schedule and/or locations for the series and maybe a set of rules
  5. Gar Robinson of San Antonio Texas is trying to Win his second TA 2 title in 3 years . He was rookie of the year and series champion in 2015 . He is in the lead to win the series this year again with two races left . He is sponsored by the 74 ranch out of Campbellton Texas . Practice starts today and qualifying tomorrow race day is Saturday anyone wanting to watch the Trans Am series should go out and cheer for Gar. He started his career racing quarter midget at Comanche Park and throughout Texas
  6. Congratulations to Austin Wayne self second place in Daytona not bad Texas boy
  7. Rear gear for CTS grandstock

    373 rearend gear 2nd gear turbo 350
  8. It showed up yesterday they must just have a problem with the website all classes were there yesterday
  9. SuperStreet/SuperStock at CCS/CTS

    When is the next race at Corpus Christi and how much does it cost
  10. thanks to all

    Hey Claire this is Sterling 995 I did not like see in the top of your roof next to my window glad to hear you're OK do you need anything give me a call what type of chassis do you have I have some Money Carlo parts