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  1. Seeing if anyone has a decent Bandolero for sale. Interested in purchase. Thanks, Kevin J. Gould 512-963-7100
  2. Link to photos from LSQMA 9/14/2019

    They will be racing in Houston next weekend.
  3. TSTRS - Input needed

    Ok y'all got me into this conversation. I would recommend HMP to not bring anymore classes into the racing program until they have solidified the current competitive classes. From a spectators viewpoint, the current classes on asphalt are not easily distinguishable. I would suggest HMP work on building a core group of brands "classes" before any thought of expanding the program. An outlaw car shouldn't look like a modified, a street stock shouldn't look like a late model, and a truck should look like a truck. Yes, some will be upset because not everyone's car will fit the rules. However, in the long run its better for the competitors and spectators. We recently traveled to Elko Minnesota and watched a race at Elko Speedway. I have to admit they have got it figured out. The stands twice the capacity of HMP were full, the racing program had three classes, a great intermission event, and lastly the concessions had great food, cold beverages. The classes consisted of a beginner class, a street stock style class, and a late model class. The racers ran qualifying and two features. The fans got their money's worth and the racers got their track time.
  4. OK, soap box time again

    Racing is a dangerous sport; period. Yes, there has been a huge amount of safety innovations in recent years but racing will always have a high risk of something going wrong. If you have ever been to Perris auto speedway you know the catch fence is extremely high. I personally never thought a car could clear the fence but Austin Williams did it a few years ago. No matter the safety enhancement in racing you will always have a failure. People in general need to use good common sense attending the races. This goes for racers and fans alike. How many times have you been to the track under green flag conditions and walked down from the stands, along the catch fence, to go to the concessions? Most people have but this is not the smartest thing to perform. Spectators need to understand they go to a race then the probability of mistake is high. The recent events are unfortunate but those hurt need to be accountable for putting themselves in a risky environment in the first place. My soapbox for the day.
  5. Mark your calendars. January 26, 2019 in Austin TX the local quarter midget clubs are having a "fun run" to help raise money to get the Houston Quarter Midget Club racing this year. Everyone is invited so come out and support the future racers. Handlers meeting at 0900 and racing begins at noon. 500 VFW Rd Austin TX 78753 512-305-3882 Facebook "River City Quarter Midget Association"
  6. Big thanks to all for supporting short track racing!
  7. What is the price on the 602 crate motor?


    Kevin J. Gould


  8. Unfortunately, the train of thought to our younger generation concerning "trade jobs" is considered taboo. Most industry trade jobs today are seeing the decline in qualified and capable workers. I agree only working with the public and educating our children in that it is perfectly acceptable to be a technician, welder, and construction worker. The misnomer that's been given in our society is these jobs are low paying, low skilled talents. This is absolutely so far from the truth. If there is a way to work with the city/school to use SAS as a facility to teach and expand skills then that idea needs to be proposed. You got me on my soapbox this morning now I'm off to go recruit three technicians for positions I haven't been able to fill.
  9. Best news! I'm pretty sure the house will be packed.
  10. Stolen truck

    I really hate to see this. Bad things happening to great people. We pray you have a positive outcome. Eventually what comes around goes around.
  11. Portable Generators

    U could still add a blower. Better off the line charging capabilities.
  12. Better yet have Cota build a 1/2 mile track for us locals to race at.
  13. It is coming looks like

    There will be an autonomous vehicle demonstration at SXSW this year. Aircraft have been flying for at least 30 years with flight control computers and there safety record is by far better than any human interactive mode of transportation. While some may seem this is far fetched technology it is not. The automotive/transportation industry is just know embracing the computer aided operation of vehicles. Understandably we are all resistant to change and have safety concerns with driver-less cars but its coming. 20 years from now will also be saying that it will be impossible to have flying cars but we all watched the Jetsons on Sunday morning. Dreamers of yesterday become tomorrow's innovators.
  14. Location is the biggest problem. In generality most asphalt tracks in Texas are in prime real estate locations whereas the thriving dirt tracks are in less prime areas. Look at the industry as a whole and you will see that a large portion of both dirt and asphalt tracks close because the property is more valuable for other uses. Its not that the racing venue is un-profitable its just not as profitable as using the property for housing, commercial sales, etc... It would take a very risky investor in today's market to choose building a new race track outside the city limits for a very small margin of profit potential to keep a track in a local area. Our local economic growth is really to blame.