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Still waiting for purse for Turkey Race


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The Modifieds has been posted and is on all the fliers, if anyone has not seen it please reply to this and I will post it again, there is no purse break for the modifieds.


Limited Mods

1000-600-400-300-200-150-100-75 to remaining cars

less than 24 - 600-400-300-200-150-100-75 to remaining cars


Limited Late

800-600-400-300-200-150-100-75 to 14th 15th thru 20th 50

Less than 20 - 600-400-300-200-150-100-75-50 to remaining


Pure Stocks


Less than 20 - 300-200-150-100-75-50 to remaining


Hope this helps you RRRacing, fell free to call me if you need more information. 361-548-0669

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Fliers? Haven't seen 'em... perhaps I'm blind.. could you re-post it? I know you are terribly busy with the race @ CCMS.....and of course its your priority... I fully understand that... but for those of us who are I-37 bound, I haven't gotten much info on this race. The website gives us very little....except for what money I should send, please understand that I'm not trying to make you angry.... as I have seen the CCMS post....just would like more info than I have gotten. We were told to call if we had questions, my driver did so and you told him that you hadnt got to things cause you were busy with the BIG race at CCMS, I know you have another race @ CCMS and the banquet as well... I-37 folks just dont wanna get lost in the shuffle...If you have any type of advertising you'd like to get out to the public, let me know, I'll take the money outta my pocket and run around and put the advertising out.


Melinda Helton


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Here are the pure stock rules. Please call if you have questions.





Official Pure Stock Rules






All equipment is subject to approval by I-37 SPEEDWAY track officials. Any alterations or modifications from OEM (stock) not specifically allowed in these rules will be considered illegal.

It is the racer’s responsibility to keep his/her car legal at all times. Equipment having passed through inspection unobserved will not be considered as approved.




Any 4 door or 2 door car except Camaro's, Firebirds or other sports cars. Trucks, El Camino's, Ranchero's are OK. If you have questions please contact us. All cars must have a minimum of a 108" wheelbase except 4 doors.

Four post roll cage (.095 x 1 1/2") steel tubing is required. A minimum of three door bars on drivers side is required. Door bars can be straight but we recommend they are built with proper bends. 2 bars may pass through the front and 2 through the rear fire walls to reinforce frame.(NO galvanized fence post, muffler tubing or other thin wall tubing may be used in construction of roll cage. Stock steel unaltered floor, fire walls, trunk and bumpers must be retained. Only holes allowed in the floor pan will be to allow the cage to be tied into the frame.

No cutting on inner door panels, fender wells, firewalls, floor pans, or any other structural members. If retrofiting a cage in car you can cut what it needed to make the cage fit.

All doors must be welded or chained shut.

Hoods and trunk lids may have hood pins, be bolted shut or use the stock latch. If bolting or using stock latch then both hood and trunk lid must have two 6" holes cut in them for fire extinguisher access if needed.

Nerf bars are OK.

Windshield must be replaced with some alternate type of protection.

All other glass and trim must be removed, including headlights, tailights, and all chrome.

Four or Five Point racing belts are required. Racing Seat is recommended but not required.

A drivers' side window net is required.

Steering must remain stock except the addition of a steering quickner.

Minimum weight is 3300lbs

Ballast weight must be painted white and have the car number on it.

Stock brakes only, all four wheels must have working brakes.Pedals must be in stock location.

Suspension parts must remain OEM Stock. Shocks must be OEM Stock mounted in the stock location. No cutting or heating of springs.

No weight jacks or hidden screw couplers.

Right front rims may be reinforced, or extra heavy rims which includes white spoke rims may be used. 8" Racing, special chrome, spoke or modular wheels allowed. No bead locks and only 4" back space wheels will be allowed.

Maximum 8-inch wheels. No wheel spacers.

DOT tires are allowed with the largest tire size being a P235-70 x 15 passenger type tire. All tires do not have to match in size. No hoosiers.

The American racer G60 may be used.

No cutting on wheel wells except for tire clearance.

The engine and all components, including carburetor, must be stock for that make and model and in its original mounts. The A/C and polution pump may be removed. No adapter plates or spacers.V6 and 4 cylinders are OK. V8's must pull a minimum 15 inches of intake vacuum at 1000 rpm

Hydraulic Cams only no roller or solid.

Intake must be cast, no aluminum. If running a stock 4 or 6 cylinder call for more info.

360 cu in max.

Exceptions- A holley 4412 or quad jet may be used.

Stock transmissions only, stock converters and clutches only, all gears must work.

Stock rear end only. No locked rearends.

Drive shaft should be painted white.

Fuel cell is recommended. A boat tank is acceptable if securely fastened in the trunk. Small holes in the trunk pan to tie in the cell to the frame will be allowed.

Battery can be moved around in engine compartment or moved to the drivers compartment. If battery is moved, it must be covered with a boat battery type cover and securely fastened.

No extra radiator or transmission coolers or reserves.

No headers or performance manifolds of any type. Stock exhaust monifolds only.





Approved helmet and fire suit is required.

Fire extinguishers are mandatory in the drivers compartment within the reach of the driver. The driver must be able to reach the extinguisher when buckled in the seat and the extinguisher must have an operating gauge.

No radios or cell phones to be used by driver during race.




Anyone refusing to be inspected by the Technical Inspector will be disqualified. They will forfeit all winnings and points for the race/event.

Officials reserve the right to make final decisions in the interpretation of any rules or race procedures at any time. No equipment will be considered as having been approved by reason of having passed through inspection unobserved.

If you have any questions regarding the rules set forth, contact the I37 SPEEDWAY General Manager.

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g60tires/8inch wheels.,thats major!and the 2005 PURE STOCK championship car is now NOT LEGAL due to wheel base.it was as legal as they can get.but thats one way to push one out.glad this was posted in time to get ready.and what happened to an i37 car did not have to worry about changes in this class.the tire and wheel rule is a killer to the regular i37 cars.i kicked back and told all it would be ok......,.these rules now make the #67 chevelle legal! thats what i thought pure stock was not supposed to be.i am sorry i told all it would be ok.......FRANK TORRES

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I've got a whole bunch of G-60 pull offs for anyone interested. Will make a somebody a good deal on some. Give me a PM if your interested.



Now we're talking pure stocks the way they should be. You can count on my mod to be there.



If you need help or want to borrow parts let me know. You sure are gonna need to change tires and wheels. I owe you one so call me.

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now were being lame.it was legal ALL year...was not the fastest by far.....i did not say if you were ok in 2005 all cars would be ok,,,,,that came out first week.NOT FROM ME!!!!.but i was still a supporter of the track and OWEN.i think he does a good good job at what he does.if i did not plan on continuing dirt racing i would not have gone out and bought a sports mod for my other son.but your saying o well it was not in the right class,,,,WERE YOU EVER THERE TO SEE IT RACE???????.did you see any of our races before you judge.?and my comments on tires were to defend the regular supporters from i37.the problems on tires would not set me back,i have plenty.it was in defense of i37 regulars.if you think back or read back,i always said that i would pay a bonus to an outsider that could beat our regulars....because i believed in them!!!!!STILL DO...

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