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Several 12 yr-olds coming to Lone Star Legacys


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This info from the Lone Star Legacy website http://www.lonestarlegacy.cc/


Kris Kerr...12 yr old...San Antonio...Quarter Midgets, Mini-Cups,  car from California

Ted & Nancy...Grandpa will also crew


Jake Kruger...12 yr old...Bastrop...Quarter Midgets, Banderlo's ( 2nd place in Texas Division)

Bill & Debbie...he was TPS several years ago, they are not new-be's to racing in Texas


Allan Evans .. 12 yr old twins.....New Braunfels  both raced go-karts in Flordia

Dillon Evans ...both showed up to drive-a-long with full racing suits...not new-be's either

Larry & Sheila...he NB fire dept, she may need help on race day Eric Brunner..12 yr old....San Antonio...go-karts,  Stephan McCurley's #40 car

Rege Brunner...crew dad...


Be advised: I said fresh meat...not NEW meat.  All new(to us) drivers are experienced.  Do not underestimate their ability nor question their age...they know how to open a can of whip-***.  Look at Kyle, Trey, or Dillon Spreen.

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I've watched a few of these guys test a Legacy car and they listened very well and came in with open minds, they were very succesful in my eyes and have the maturity to take the step, I have met all of them and they seem like very bice guys from great family's. I am very curious as to what everyone else has to say, b/c I have been in their shoes and was very nervous about how well everyone would accept me in the series.



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