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OK, now that the stressful racing is done it is time for some fun and time to tear some stuff up.


Enduro - Will have 4 pay breakdowns with the best pay being $1800 to win. We need cars to get this going, I am going to put a car together and all you guys that have complained about my management can come out and take your shots at me.


Also -

Reverse Race winner gets $100 or $20 to finish

360 race - $100 to win $20 to finish

Chain Race - $200 to win and $50 to finish

Boat and trailer race - $300 to win

Best Burnout $100


Maybe we can get Dickerson to come down and jump something!


E-mail me to see if your current car fits the enduro rules, some older bombers can be used but I will have to approve them otherwise just buy a car and stick a 4 point cage in it. Tator Mason built his Street Stock in 8 days came down here and won the Championships so surely all you guys can get a 4 point cage in a car in 12 days.

Cars, pick up trucks :unsure: , el Caminos, gremlins B) , 4 door neon would be a great car, school bus (short bus) :o , Limo ;) , hummer, :blink: suburban :ph34r: we really don't care other than no sports cars, 2 doors should be 110" wheel base and any 4 door. E-mail me with questions, lets tear some stuff up and have some fun!

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Left off the Demo Derby, there will be one of those as well.

The original Bomber class at CC had rules where you could plate the outside of the door and you did not have to have a 4 point cage. We are looking into this option that would save alot of time and effort. Maybe plate the drivers side door then put on piece of pipe from floor to roof to keep the roof from caving in during a roll over and that would be it.


I will post more details later.

This is Owen, sorry for the wrong screen name having a hard time keeping up with who I am now a days!

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Sorry for the delay, talked to the insurance yesterday, plate the out side or the drivers side door and put one bar from floor to roof in behind the driver and the car is OK for Enduro use. Anyone want to give it a try, I know of one that will be out like this. Anyway we hope to have alot of cars and it promises to be a good time.




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