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Entering backstraight at THR during race


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I have never seen any problems with entering the track during green. It does help to have an official there. Also I didn't see the incident with the 81 car because I was working turn 4 but txtom seems to have answered all questions regarding 81's side of what happened.

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You need ask that to the series.


Our rule is and has been for some time now is that you may enter under green as long as you do it safely. If you cause a wreck you get black flagged.


I believe the Pro Sedans have the rule that you may not re-enter the track under green.


So, other series may have a different rule than ours.


For us, it has not been a problem.

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I will take full blame for the yellow 18 car, i thought there was enough room for him to enter the track and run on the high side. No contact was made until turn four with Joe Aramendia, but by that point they were running three wide with Sirrizotti(sp) on the inside. John Salazar

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Regarding the question of re-entering the track at Thunder Hill Raceway when the track is green, following is the policy and race procedure followed by the Texas Pro Sedans ever since THR opened and the reasons why.


TPS Drivers are reminded at each Driver's Meeting that to return to track:


1. Slowly motor to beginning of pit road at turn # 2 and wait on yellow or red before you may re-enter track.


2. TPS cars may not re-enter the track under a green flag - green light signal condition. TPS cars may re-enter track only under yellow or red light signal conditions.


3. While parked on the re-entry road, TPS Drivers are required to park well back to avoid the potential of being T-Boned while parked.


4. Don’t exceed 5 mph in pits. (THR will report speeders and request TPS black flag. TPS will OK their recommendation).


The reason for this TPS rule is because we recognize the mind-set of many drivers who are in competition is "I have to get back on track as fast as I can and at all costs". That mind-set of "at all costs" had a price tag of two legs in the case of Alex Zanardi, the former CART Driver. TPS also believes that a TPS Driver on track, at speed who is concentrating on the apex of turn #2 should not have to worry about a possible intruding car in his peripheral vision who might or might not be returning to the groove. There is also the liability potential of putting the burden on an official to try to guess when to feed out a waiting car. We also believe that scoring issues won't occur if there is a no re-entry under green rule in force.


We don't say our rule is the only way, but it has worked well for TPS races at THR and at other similar tracks where the TIDA-LM Series raced. We intend to continue the rule in the future.


Neil Upchurch

Race & Administrative Director

Texas Pro Sedans

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The Lonestar Legacy Policy


(for leaving & returning to the track)



1) If track official stops you, you stop


2) If track official tells you to go, you go


3) Be aware of your speed and whats around you


4) Common sense


this list goes on and on..............



Tom H.


Driver & Pit Crew: #14 Lonestar Legacy

Owner Direct-Flo Motorsports

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Most series that come to Houston DO NOT allow cars to enter or leave via the turn 2 pit exit during the actual race. During practice HMP stations a well-seasoned official who knows when its safe to send a car or not send a car, as Barry has been doing this FOREVER. He only sends a car when he can safely enter the backstretch and allow any approaching cars enough time to see them on the backstretch. I dont know how the pit entrance is configured at THR though. HMP has the actual pit road that allow the no-re-entry during race rule to be inplace.

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