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It's amazing, Owen and CCMS have put up the best money for after season races and it seems that they get screwed by the top class on the card.

Maybe next year they will put up $3000.00 for the SS and make them the top class. The traveling series guts are not getting it done.

I don't think this is a USRA TAMS sanctioned event, so please leave the "traveling series" out of this one.


I may be wrong, but as far as I can tell several rules have been changed to better accomodate some of the dirt mods in the area.


Nick Holt

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nick, this is i guess going nowhere, but 2 years ago houston put on a out law race as a support race it drew a lot of cars.and it was not sactioned.the was held on a fri. night. it was the day before a tams race in sas. lots of teams from all over came for the money.some running good wrecked.had rebuild there cars for sat.race.we supported houston were is the return jesture.its a race for real money.im not picking on houston sorry if it sounds like that. come on mods. come and run for we should be running for in tams. the conseshens for the dirt guys is because not enough real aphault mods will show up. hope to see u their.

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