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Sirizzotti team not taking anything for granted

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Oct. 22, 2005

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Sirizzotti team not taking anything for granted at today's Stock Car Spectacular


John Toudouze, the crew chief for Kyle Sirizzotti of the Lone Star Legacy series, has one simple sentence to summarize the #9 Sirizzotti Race Team's upcoming race at Thunder Hill Raceway (THR) today during the 9th Annual Texas Stock Car Spectacular.


“We have a 65 point lead on the rest of the field which no one can overcome, so going into the last race knowing that all we have to do is drive thru the gate @ THR we win the championship,” said Toudouze.


But don't think Toudouze, Kyle Sirizzotti or any of the Sirizzotti Race Team plan on spending the day drinking pina coladas.


“We're not walking into this with a passive attitude, we'll run as hard as we can today,” Toudouze stated. “We want to show up and finish the season off on the right foot, in a good fashion. We dont' want to just show up, we want to go in and win the championship. We want to end the season with a bang.”


“We are out to win tonight,” added Kyle Sirizzotti, the youngster out of Helotes. “We want to go out and win this race – that's the attitude we've had going into every race this year and we're not changing that now.”


And win they have. The Sirizzotti Racing Team has helped put Kyle in the position to just enter the race to win the championship. Toudouze and his driver know where the true credit lies.


“All the things that Kyle has accomplish could never been done if it was not for support for G.T. Sirizzotti Excavating & Dodson House Moving,” Toudouze declared. “Being able to make a season like this happen takes a total effort of which we call the 'Triangle Effect;' without the owner, without a great driver and without a dedicated team, these kinds of seasons can not happen and we have proved this more than once.”


“A lot of people have worked very hard to get us to this point,” Sirizzotti said. “We've persevered and never taken anything for granted. It's been a really good season and we're proud of what we've accomplished. We entered the season confident we could win, but knew it wouldn't be a cakewalk.”


Besides enjoying the support of the Sirizzotti Race Team – which is spearheaded by Kyle's parents, Sharon and Tony, John's wife Brenda and Gator and Shannon Dodson – John Toudouze has enjoyed working with – and has admired - his young driver.


“Not many teams have a driver with the talent that we have at his age,” he said. “Kyle is like a sponge anything that happens he absorbs and takes in  to use later, given the way this year has gone and the way Kyle has adapted to the Late Model I am not afraid to say we are going after the 2006 TSRS Championship.”


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