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Flagpole at SAS


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BoerneBullit- I dont know if thats what happend to Joe Sutton but Joe Horns son Jeff got it and killed by a car while helping someone on the side of the road in 1987

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The answer is Joe Sutton


I first knew Joe Sutton when he was the pit gate registration supervisor at Pan American Speedway during the early 1970's. I was the pace car driver there and drove in a 250 lap race. I also purchased a really neat customized 1971 Chevrolet Pick-Up Truck from Joe.


E.J. Weaks was an officer in the track partnership when Highway 16 Raceway started in 1977. About a year and a half later, E.J. was elected as President of the track. When Pan American Speedway closed, Joe Sutton moved over to do the same sort of pit gate work for E.J. Joe Sutton handled pit gate registration functions at SAS for several years.


Years later, Joe Sutton was diagnosed with terminal cancer. As I recall, from his death bed, he made a request to E.J. He requested when he died, that his funeral procession be allowed to drive through the pit gate at the track and take his final lap on the way to the cemetery.


E.J. Weaks not only approved Joe's request and allowed the hearse and all of the cars in the procession to make that checkered flag lap, but was the driving force in the placement of the head stone at the flag pole in the lasting memory of Joe Sutton.


It worked! Here we are remembering Joe Sutton more than 25 years after his death.



Neil Upchurch

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