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4 cyl. run what you brung race

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Of course Im in,Texas Thunder# 77.I think this would be a great oppourtunity for all the 4 cyl racers to get togher bound by a common thread,the love of racing 4 cyl cars.We can put aside our differences and learn from one another while being able to try some things that may not have been legal in the regular series.Being an enduro style race will pretty much even out the field,being fast for 25 laps is different than pacing a car to make tires,brakes,and engines go for a long race.Big cars run long races all the time but I cant remember a 4 cyl enduro.This kind of race can put fun back in racing and we can learn respect for the other persons series.Almost like a "Last Man Standing " contest,not because of crashes but by endurance.I think in my case the car will outlast the driver.I believe the theme of this race will be about sharing rather than taking.And a big party afterwards.I know many people do not do the computer thing so we need to get the word out to those racers as well.I believe this could be history in the making.More like a tournament. Its time again for 4 cyl people to set an example.

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4 cyl race:


Doesn't CC usually start around 20?


Prob get about 8 or so Legacy's.


Pro Sedans.... maybe 4 to 6 ?


GB, how many dirt guys might show?


We will discuss this race in the Lonestar Legacy drivers meeting on Saturday. Maybe get a few more to come down from Houston. I will report back next week.


This could easily be the largest car count (of any class of cars) at any of the asphalt tracks in Texas this year.


Thanks for the idea Thumper,


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the hondas will be there for sure, i like the best in class deal as long as the pay out does not get sucked up. it sounds like the this could be the race of races, no holds bar, retire the car for the year in a pretzel. i am not as young now might need a half time or something. birddog needs some water woof woof

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