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New Driver Development Program comes to Texas

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OCTOBER 12, 2005





HOUSTON, TX (OCTOBER 12, 2005) – Bumbera’s Performance Associates in Houston has brought to Texas the hottest trend in the auto racing industry – a Driver Development Program. The program is for any person, male or female, who wants to learn how to drive stockcars or improve their driving skills while not worrying about paying for and operating an entire race team.


The program allows the driver to concentrate solely on being the driver. The team handles all other matters. The racecars are prepared at the race shop, loaded and unloaded from the hauler, and the pit area is set up at the racetrack before the driver ever needs to arrive. This is the greatest aspect of the “Arrive and Drive” program that Bumbera’s has formulated. Along with a full service uniformed crew, comes a hospitality team to entertain the driver’s sponsors and family in a luxurious motor coach in the pit area.


While some drivers may be too accustomed to doing everything themselves to let go of the mechanical side of their racing, many drivers have already found out that the program is well worth that sacrifice. Bumbera’s has already earned 4 Rookie of the Year titles and 3 Fan’s Favorite Driver Awards. From super-speedways to road courses the team’s experience has paid off for the drivers who have already taken advantage of the new program. As one driver stated, “I have already won a Rookie of the Year Title and sharpened my driving skills right here in Texas. I didn’t need to relocate to another state such as North Carolina or somewhere else where “NASCAR is the spoken language”. Currently the program is catering to Texas classes of Super Late Model and Late Model Stockcars, Allison Legacys, Modifieds, and Legends racecars.


Bumbera’s 2004 and 2005 seasons have already attracted 6 different drivers and more are already signed for the 2006 season. “Some drivers want to maintain their own race teams and still haul their cars to the tracks themselves. We like teams like this as well because then we are able to teach their crew, which enables them to move upward on their own someday. Their program consists purely of racecar preparation before each race. What we like to see is the person who really wants to learn how to drive a racecar - be able to do it without having to buy the truck, trailer, spare parts, and all that goes with operating a competitive race team. We teach them how to drive the cars as well as how to make a good impression on their sponsors and the fans. Ultimately they get to drive a competitive racecar with the best drivers in the State of Texas”, says Kenny Bumbera. “Our cars are competitive. They’re battling for the win with the best of them.” Bumbera himself has many years of racing experience throughout the United States. He has raced in the NASCAR Elite Division where he started on the pole in the Houston race this year. He has also competed in the ASA, USRA (formerly ROMCO) Super Late Model Series, and others as well as driving a Super Comp dragster and drag bikes in his younger years. His 18 year old daughter, Kristin, is currently battling for the Late Model Division Championship at Houston Motorsports Park and was the 2003 Rookie of The Year.


For more information you may visit www.bumberas.com or visit the race shop at 630 Hwy 6 South in Houston, TX. 281-493-9300.

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