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CCRA Meeting on Wed 10/19


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So there is another CCRA meeting on 10/19 at Al Amin Shrine on IH-37 and Suntide road at 7pm -


Makes my heart so sad that all these people who don't even race are out at these meetings and not many drivers are involved..... They are trying to get things going and make things happen but they can't do that without alot of involvement from the drivers. I challenge all of you who live in the Corpus area to get involved - I know and respect that everyone is busy, but come on folks! How can we get people to come out to the track and watch ya'll race if you won't get out and get involved in the community things that they are trying to do like car shows and helping clean up the track a bit. I've heard alot of people are waiting to see what's gonna happen with it, but if people don't get involved, there won't be much happening.... Don't wait to see who else is gonna sign up or go to stuff - be the leader and start going to the meetings and showing off your car at the car shows and come help for the work days out at the track - it would be an awesome start to getting alot of good done for not only CCRA but also the track.




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