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HMP Late Model Series Meeting

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Meeting Notice to HMP Late model Owners and Drivers


We would like to have an Owner/Driver meeting on a date "prior" to our

last race date (Oct the 29th)


We have had a great 2005 season in the HMP Late model series. One that has

shown a growth in car count and some great racing.

It is hoped that we can end the 2005 season with everyone having a good idea

of what the 2006 season will be.


We would like to invite the HMP Late model Owners, Drivers and those with

an interest in the series to join us at the Houston Motorsports Park track

to share information and seek the opinions of all with an interest in the schedule,

rules and competition for the 2006 season.


Getting everyone together on a specific date and time will be a challenge, but

we would like have as many attendees as possible. We are open suggestions

for possible dates and times to get together. As most of you know the track is open

for practice on Friday evenings and we were considering October 21st as a possible date.

but we realize that some folks plan to travel to Kyle for the race weekend.


Please email Randy Andersen with ideas as to preferred date and time, if you can or can not attend, and any ideas or concerns you would like to voice as we prepare for a busy 2006 season.


Feel free to post replies and/or email to andersenracing@verizon.net

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