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Announcement from Joe Horne, I-37 Promoter


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Joe Horne Ceases Promotion of I-37 Speedway


by Neil Upchurch, I-37 Speedway Press Department


San Antonio, TX (October 10, 2005) - On September 9, 2005, Track Promoter Joe Horne said, on Texas SpeedZone.com “Until a fair and equitable two year lease is completed, I cannot in good faith resume racing operations at I-37 Speedway”.


Since making the announcement, Joe Horne said “I had success only one time in even having a negotiating meeting with the property owners of the land on which the track is situated. Terms satisfactory to both parties were not agreed upon or finalized at that meeting. In addition, my numerous subsequent calls to the owners have been unanswered”.


Having not arrived at a satisfactory lease agreement for 2006 and 2007, Joe Horne has issued the following statement:


“I have been deprived of sufficient time in which to plan for and promote continued racing operations at I-37 Speedway. Therefore, I have reluctantly decided to cease my interest in operating I-37 Speedway. I had sincerely wished that a workable lease agreement could have been signed in time to professionally conduct our annual Turkey Trot event and launch the 2006 and 2007 seasons. Unfortunately that opportunity has vanished by our not securing a signed lease within an appropriate time frame”.


He also said, “I was pleased with the good field of drivers, cars and spectators who participated and attended I-37 Speedway races during the 2004 and 2005 seasons in which I operated the track. I thank everyone. I also thank my track officials and staff for their faithful support and work. I wish everyone success in their future racing activities and endeavors”. He also said, “the date, place and details about our annual awards dinner will be announced soon”.



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