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Notes from Oktober'FAST' practice


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Looks like Oktober’FAST’ is off to a great start.


The pits were pretty full during practice and we had a great media day with reporters from a couple of newspapers taking rides in the new two-seat SAS Craftsman truck that will be used in the SAS Driving Experience program that should kick off sometime in the not too distant future.


Trey Ware has been giving away rides in the SAS Driving Experience truck on his KTSA Radio show and was on hand this afternoon along with USRA SLM driver JC Umscheid to give rides to members of the media. Trey will be the truck’s driver Friday evening when the KTSA winners come for their rides! Trey has been a friend of stock car racing for as long as anyone can remember. I personally recall seeing him as a little kid hanging around his dad’s track – Pan American Speedway.


If you have not seen drifting, you will not want to miss the drifting exhibition on Saturday. This afternoon drifter Aaron Losey had his 2005 Nissan 350Z sideways so close to the wall (at somewhere around 80 mph) that the we all thought it was curtains for both his still-being-financed Z and the driver. I guarantee that NOBODY will be leaving the grandstands to get a beer while the drifting is taking place on the track on Saturday.


Had a chance to talk a while with Harold Smith who’s company, Shell Express Lube, is sponsoring the USRA SLM race on Saturday. Harold told me something that I didn’t know about his son, Jason Smith who will be driving the #28 Ford SLM on Saturday. Jason, according to his dad, holds the current world record in the Lawn Mower Drags. I think he said he got a riding mower up to 89.8 mph at the end of the 150-foot Lawn Mower drag strip. That’s one fast lawn mower!


Also stopped by to chat with Joe Aramendia who is paying the admission charge for any and all kids on Friday. John and Joe Aramendia have been involved in stock car racing for many years and are always looking for ways to advance the sport. “We like helping kids get excited about stock car racing,” Joe said as he prepared his TSRS LM for practice. “I figure that the kids will bring their parents along with them so it’s really helping the track as well as the kids.”


Here’s a list of the touring series cars present. Forgive me if I missed a couple.


USRS Super Late Models (in no particular order):

Tuffy Hudson

Brandon Bendele

John Heil

Jason Smith

Robert Barker (in the #8 Brandon Bendele ride)

John Kelly

Tommy Grimes

T. Wade Welch

Todd McLemore

Chris Davidson

Tommy Grothues

Greg Davidson


TSRS/THR/SAS Late Models:

Joe Aramendia

Brian Moczygemba

Mike Reineger (not sure I spelled this right.. sorry Mike)

Scott Jerkins

Marcos Bellino

Donnie Horelka

Jarod Benker

Mark Pogue

Leland Wadell

Henry Guerra

Ryan Engelhardt

Allen Alexander

Frank Johnson

Lloyd Alexander

James Cole


USRA TAMS Modifieds:

Andy Wojtaszczyk

Jerry Schild

David Machen

Matt Merrell

James Cole

Billy Becka


USRA ARTS trucks:

Steve Green

Jason Marshall

Doc Baber


There were also a number of SAS Sportsman and SAS RoadRunner/WOW cars


I left practice at about 7:30 and on the way out I bumped into I-37 Speedway Promoter Joe Horne. Joe used to own and operate San Antonio Speedway way back when I was the Motorsports writer for the San Antonio Light. Joe has been very good for the sport over the years and shared some of what he is contemplating for his next racing endeavor. Pretty exciting stuff.

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Mike Haag took a few shots during the media day. This one shows the new SAS Driving Experience Craftsman Truck getting ready to roll. That's Trey Ware driving and a reporter from one of the newspapers present in the passenger seat.


The truck was clicking off 21.9 second laps. Not too shabby!


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Sat. is going to be a treat...

I just found out Tx tom is going to be in the drift as well. Of course tom wont be in a no stinkin car.. he will have is high powered whell chair. Big John has put in tons of time to get it ready and he is prepared to DRIFT!

P.S. Good luck Tom I'll see you Sat. and I need the coloring books!

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