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Post season rules

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For the record, I've already contacted our tech man about this issue.


Now for discussion purposes...


Seems to me like a much simpler and more equitable set of SS/Sportsman rules for the post season races would have looked something like this:


SAS cars - run your rules.

THR cars - run your rules.

CC cars - run your rules, 3300 pounds, 970 tire.


Much easier and more equitable than what's being used this year.


Using allowances like 100 pound weight brakes, ride height allowances, rear percentage allowances, and locked rear ends is pointless on a Street Stock type car with virtually no suspension adjustment.


Giving the cars with the already superior tire a better carb is a a no-brainer. Easy 10-minute boost!


This really should be reconsidered.

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if these rules stick .....it could be pointless for thr cars to even run the thr race and ccms cars to run ccms race....but there is one group of guys that have to be licking their chops on this? this is so evident it is beyond my comprehenssion as to why you would even set these races up.....

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