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need a little help


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This is Kyle shoemaker, 15 years old and need a little advice. i currently race motorcross...(motorcycles) and want to race cars also. My dad used to race streetstock-type cars (a long time ago) and im wanting to start in the hobby-stock class. the thing is were looking for a car (dont no where is a good place to look)...and would like to no how much things coust. (for ex. tires). If you have some advice on where to start and the best place to buy this stuff...(dont have the biggest wallet also) that would bet great. I have read the rule book and have been to the races at thunderhill many times and would appreciate any help or advice. my dad and i are planning to be out there racing in about 8 mounths to a year. Right now im tied up in the upcoming winter motorcross series so i wont have alot of time to deal with working on a car.


Thanks alot,


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