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G-force generated by cars at THR


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Just as an FYI to folks on this forum, check out the Life & Arts section piece by Pamela LeBlanc in today's Statesman.  She got it, and she explains it very well.  And, no, I had nothing to do with this story -  it was all Tavo and the Full Throttle folks...

Great story. I agree that race car drivers are indeed athletes.


But in the story they say that Tavo's NASCAR Grand National West Series car generates 4Gs every lap. I can't help but wonder where the 4G figure came from. If I could get a car to generate 4.0G in lateral acceleration in a turn at THR.... well, you'd never have to get off the gas even if you were driving a 3500 pound stock car.


Maybe if you added up the four 1.0 Gs generated in each of the four turns you'd get 4 Gs.


Nick Holt

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