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OktoberFast General Rules/Track Procedures

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9th Annual 2005 Oktober’FAST’ at San Antonio Speedway

October 7 & 8, 2005


SAS Track Rules & Procedures for Friday (7th) and Saturday (8th)


1. All spaces will be assigned in the order in which the cars enter the pit gate.

(Team cars must enter pits together in order to be parked together, SAVING PIT SPACES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.)


2. Only one tow vehicle per trailer will be allowed in the pit area. All enclosed trailers must be out of pits by 4:45 PM. NO PERSONAL VEHICLES ALLOWED IN PIT AREA.


3. All race cars must have a readily available 10 lb. fire extinguisher in their pit.


4. You may only enter & exit the racetrack from pit road, do not enter the pits in the gravel by turn 4 or at the back gate entrance.


5. All teams will be responsible for removing their used tires, body parts, bent wheels, etc. from the premises. (SAS reserves the right to hold winnings until driver/team removes debris from premises.)


6. NO Glass containers allowed in pits. NO consumption of alcoholic beverages will be permitted before the end of the last feature race. Violators will be removed from the pit area immediately, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!


7. Obey the “Move Over” Flag. (Move over is LOW)


8. The Red Flag means Safely stop as quick as possible. Do not move until given permission by an official.


9. If involved in an accident stay in your car with your helmet on and belts tightened until the Safety Crew arrives.


10. If you blow an engine, blow up a transmission or are otherwise laying down oil or water, move to the bottom of the track and STOP immediately. This prevents a lengthy clean up.

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can tams teams bring in there cars after the races on fri. are over????need to know for motel rooms.

Yes, you can bring in your car after everyone has cleared the pits on Friday night.


SAS, however, cannot guarantee the security of your equipment.


Nick Holt

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