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Rita update from Terry Dickerson


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I just heard from Terry Dickerson who just got off the phone with Brian Callaway. Terry said that he strongly recommended that the Spectacular be postponded out of safety concerns for the several teams that live near the coast.


"If it were just a decision about whether the track would be suitable for racing, that's one thing," Dickerson said. "But I feel like our USRA folks that live near the coast should be securing their property and making plans to relocate families to a safer area due to the hurricane instead of worrying about getting a race car ready."


Dickerson said that he and other USRA officials have received numerous calls about postponing the race.


By the way, Terry Dickerson is offering the infield at SAS for any Gulf coast teams that need a place to put their hauler and/or race car if an emergency situation does materialize.


Terry said he would let TXSZ know as soon as he hears anything more from Brian.


Nick Holt

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