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THR sched for Spectacular?

The Shrimp

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Here is some info to get everyone started. The detailed schedule will be out this evening.


Friday, Sept 23rd:

Pit gates will open at Noon. Open practice will run until 9:30pm and the pits will close at 10:00pm. Just a warning: only tow vehicles will be allowed into the pit area. All other vehicles will be parked outside the gate.


Saturday, Sept 24th:

Pit gates will open at 9:00am for USRA only. We are going to try to get all the big rigs in first and get them parked. The pit gates will open at 10:00am for all other classes. Grandstand gates will open at 4:00pm and time trials will start at 4:00pm also. Seven of the ten classes will time trial and run only a feature. The THR Hobby Stock and the Texas Dwarf cars will run heat races and a feature. The Naskart Racing Karts will only run a feature. Racing will begin as soon as qualifying is finished. It will be a full night but we put on a great show and our crew runs a tight ship.


The specific practice times for Saturday will be out this evening with more details.


Hope this answers some of the questions.



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