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San Antonio Speedway


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Quotes...Deductibles...Claims...Estimates...Yes, it was Allstate Insurance Night at San Antonio Speedway on September 17th, where it's our policy to provide the maximum "thrills and spills" per half-mile!


As eight NASCAR Road Runners rolled onto the track for their final feature event of the 2005 season...one driver was noticeably missing...the points' leader - Mark Mathias. If Randy Frautschi (second-place points' man) could be a safe driver for 15 laps, not only could he receive a 10% discount on his insurance, he could possibly win the race and the Road Runner championship. The top five starters were Mona Turner, Charlie Henley, Frautschi, JR Eichelberger and Joe Horne. When the green flag waved, Turner held the initial lead before handing it to Frautschi on Lap 2. Midway through the race, Allen Torres was not at fault when Frautschi was blocked behind him entering Turn 1, and Horne was able to grab the top spot. That lead was very short-lived, as Horne exited into the pits with a mechanical woe, and Frautschi reassumed the No. 1 position. Clearly, Frautschi had the entire field fully-covered, which enabled him to claim the victory and the Road Runner championship by 11 points over Mathias! The next contenders to cross the stripe were Eichelberger and Turner.


In the NASCAR Sportsman feature event, all parties involved in the chase for the championship were revved up and ready to go. The points' leader Greg Rohmer started on the outside of Row 2, with Eric Knudtson and Keith Garrett (second and third in points, respectively) lined up right behind him on Row 3. Starting on the front row was Kenny Hurley flanked by Robert Mayberry. As the race got underway, it didn't take but 2 laps for Rohmer to roar to the front of the field. Rohmer, Knudtson and Garrett were running 1-2-3 by the time Lap 5 arrived. With the championship on the line, anything could happen...AND it did with just 6 laps remaining. Rohmer and Knudtson touched, and both spun out. James Campbell was also collected in this melee. No one had to show proof of liability, however Rohmer and Knudtson were shown to the back of the pack for the restart. This put an insurance company's dream of a driver at the point - Garrett. He did not have any tickets or accidents in this event, and his excellent driving skills put him in victory circle on Lap 25! Chasing him to the checkers were Rohmer, Knudtson, Garfield Shanklin and Mayberry. Rohmer captured the Sportsman championship, with Knudtson finishing just 6 points behind him.


Joe Aramendia hoped that Robert Barker did not have any anti-theft devices installed on his racer, BECAUSE he wanted to "steal" the NASCAR Late Model 40-lap feature event! Aramendia really had his work cut out for him, as R. Barker set fast time during qualifying (19.93 seconds), and would start from the pole position. As the race commenced, Aramendia went after the lead with a vengeance, and by Lap 4 he was already in the second position right behind R. Barker. These two savvy drivers raced each other hard, yet so clean, neither would have to pay a premium for towing. While all of that was happening, the third position was being hotly-contested between Todd Farris who had it and Brian Moczygemba who wanted it. With 12 laps to go, that great battle ended when they mixed it up coming off Turn 2, and Ackerman was also at the scene. As the laps clicked down, it became quite evident that the steering wheel in the #17 was in good hands - R. Barker's. He went on to snare his 11th victory of the season followed by Aramendia, Donny Horelka, David Barker and James Cole. R. Barker was crowned the champion in the NASCAR Late Model division.


Mona Turner was recognized as the champion in the NASCAR Women on Wheels division.


If all of that racing didn't rock your boat...bet this race will. Five cars with boats hitched to them set sail for a 10-lap cruise. The captain (winner) of this very exciting and entertaining event was Mark Chrudimsky.


Wesley Turner prevailed in the crash 'em, smash 'em and bash 'em demolition derby.


Also, 2 lucky fans became VIP's - "Very Important Passengers" in a specially-equipped, two-seat race truck to be used in the all-new SAS Racing Experience!


Congratulations to all of the 2005 NASCAR Champions!

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