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Man!!! What a week and saturday night was just the beginning of it....


So for anyone that wasn't at THR... I took the pluge and raced my hobby stock last night.. but there is no way that i would have been there if it wasn't for several people.


Terry Tschoerner, This man is Class!!! He took a lot of his personal time to make my dream come true last night!!! Can't even begin to repay him!!


Dwayne Toyne, Here is another man of Class!! Glad to have met him and have him as a friend...


Shawn and JR!! You two work your butts off in the heat to work on not just 1 car but 2.. and keep dwane and i going!!


Joey!! I beat you!!! heheeh wished it was in a beter way..


Chase and Cary Stapp!!! Thank you for all the coaching!!! Needed every bit of it...


Most of all THANK YOU LAURA!! You are an awesome wife, and life partner.. and have put up with so much and never complained!! Just supported...


I am racing for the kids!!! and it was those kids that made the night extra special... To have a complete stranger walk up to you and ask for your autograph Great!! For it to be a 4 year old.. PRICELESS!!!!

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congrats aaron on your race last night i do not know how well you did but i know you have wanted to do this for quit a while. i hope the wheels worked out for you so again congratulations.

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