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Four Cylinder Mod Cars


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This is in no way meant to be a jab, it's an honest question; I've seen sooo many people say "Maybe we should think about letting these new High-tech, wiz kids that want to run computerized 4-cylinder cars race." - as quoted from "landlord" who was the last to say it....


My question is, if sooo many people suggest this, and sooo many people want this... why doesn't someone make a series of it?


Let me get this one out of the way first "We all ready have too many traveling series!" - I can almost guess that no one running in the current series would drop down to a 4-banger series unless it was lucrative. So, it would mostly be the green horns everyone keeps talking about.


(Not joking) Aaron, maybe you should think about puting your talents to use past JRA and create a 4-banger class, it would give the JRA'ers a GREAT place to go after they can't bike anymore.


But, if Aaron doesn't, why doesn't someone? I'm guessing that if you could get a decent amount of people to start the class, the tracks would let you run, but I don't know all the details of course.


Let me also get this out of the way "If you posting this, why don't YOU start the class?" Because I've never suggested there be one, not that I would mind, I'm only asking why so many people have posted it, yet no one has tried to start a class?

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Ummmm.... The Pro-4 series out West has been very successful. The cars a lot lighter, much easier to maintain and the price isn't anywhere near the cost of a LM. Not to mention the speeds they run. They are fast, light and less $$$$$$$$$.


It will never make it in Texas because they are "just 4 cylinders".



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