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TSRS to join THR Stock Car Spectacular

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Texas Super Racing Series Late Models has found a Sponsor to allow us to join in on the FUN of Thunder Hill Raceway's Annual TEXAS STOCK CAR SPECTACULAR!


This will be a 50 lap race for a 100 lap purse! $1000.00 to WIN, $700.00-2nd, $500.00-3rd, $300.00-4th, $250.00-5th with a minimum of $200.00 to start (one race lap must be completed in the main event)


Friday: Track will open for "Testing & Tuning" from noon and we need everyone out by 10:00 PM.


Two day pit passes available, driver with car - 45.00 and all others @ 40.00. You may leave your cars parked in the pit area over night, you can camp in the pits or the parking lot. The track will not be responsible for anything left over night. So please be prepared to lock everything up.


Saturday: Track opens for LM @ 10:00 am.


Raindate: if needed, Oct 22, 2005.


All THR LM & SAS LM are invited to join TSRS LM's for this exciting Texas Stock Car Spectacular Late Model 50 EXCITING Laps Sponsored by Southside Wrecker Service in honor of Luther New's 80th birthday, one of Austin's very special legendary racers!


This will be a non TSRS & SAS points race, although it will be a points race for all 2005 registered THR LM Drivers. THR LM points being awarded as follows...should a THR registered Driver finish 3rd or 4th for example, and they are the first THR Driver to cross the finish line, they would receive THR 1st place points! This will round out the season for the Thunder Hill Raceway Championship.


Race Entry Form for this event is attached. TSRS, THR & SAS have worked together to come up with a set of rules that we all feel are fair and by doing so, gives any LM Driver an opportunity to run each end of the season BIG Events. We hope you will agree, a lot of time and effort by many has been spent on this project. Each track, series owners look forward to these last four Events of the 2005 season.


Below are those common set of LM Rules, they will be effective for the: 2005 Texas Stock Car Spectacular @ THR-OktoberFAST @ SAS- "The DWIDUDE.COM - 100" @ THR and the TMS Road Course Race @ Ft. Worth:


Minimum weight 3100 pounds before race.

Maximum 56% left side weight will be allowed for a 107 inch wheelbase car.

Maximum 55% left side weight will be allowed for a 105 (or less than 107) inch wheelbase car.

Minimum wheelbase will be 105 inches.

No other weight penalties will apply unless determined by Race Officials for unusual circumstances.


NOTE: Special Intake Rule for SAS cars: Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifold (Part Number 2101) is required for GM products and Ford Performer Intake manifold (Part Number M-9424-C358) is required for all Ford products. The use of any other intake manifold will result in a 50 pound weight penalty.


All other TSRS/THR Late Model Technical rules apply for declared TSRS/THR cars.

All other SAS NASCAR Late Model Technical rules apply for declared SAS cars.


No Hybrids

No hybrids or mixing of the SAS and TSRS/THR rules. Teams must declare under what rules they are running and must comply completely with those rules unless the exceptions listed above apply.


Official Rulings:

Decisions and rules interpretations by Race Officials are final. No equipment should be considered as approved if not detected in technical inspections.


Contact Information:

If you have questions regarding these rules for the Texas Stock Car Spectacular Late Model, "The DWIDUDE.COM -100" or the TMS Event contact: Jack Sandefur @ 512-281-5489 or 512-247-1029.

If you have questions regarding these rules for the OktoberFAST contact Wayne Norrell @ 210-825-9531.


We hope that everyone will bring out their cars for these BIG events!

Please note that THR will NOT be running the LM class this Saturday, September 17th, allowing everyone to hopefully prepare for the 24th!


Thanks so much!

Mary Ann

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