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Racers Camp


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Racers Camp Details


Dear Race Fans and Parents:


The end of racing season is quickly moving upon us. With the end of the season comes the JRA Kids Club Racers Camp Out, Friday September 16th. We are working on finalizing our plans for this, and need to compose a list of those that will be joining us.


What will we be doing? First and foremost we plan on having FUN. That’s Rule #1. Secondly we will be learning about Safety, Math, and Science. Then applying what we learn to race cars HANDS ON!


We will begin handing out awards from this seasons bike races at 6:15pm Saturday in the grandstands after we will have a full night of racing to enjoy.


We hope that you and your children will be able to join us for the Camp Out. If you are willing to chaperone, or your children are able to attend please RSVP as the deadline is quickly approaching.


Thank you

Aaron & Laura Brungot

Junior Racers of America (JRA Kids Club)


Here are more details about the event:


Date: Friday September 16th over night to the 17th.

Time: Drop off time is between 6pm and 7pm.

Place: Thunder Hill Raceway in Kyle, TX

RSVP Contact: Aaron Brungot

Phone: 512-750-4378

Email: abrungot@prodigy.net


RSVP Deadline: Thursday September 15th.


Kids need to bring:

2 sets of clothes (1 set that you don’t mind getting race car dirty)

Pillow/Bedding (Sleeping bag or blanket)



Personal Medication (We are unable to administer this)

Personal Snacks

If possible please bring a tent

What we will provide:

Friday night snack

Saturday Breakfast

Saturday Lunch

Saturday afternoon Snack

Saturday Dinner (Hamburgers/Hotdogs)


We have (4) Tents that hold 6 persons.

We will provide water/juices

The alarm clock!!! (Ear plugs optional)

All instructional supplies

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We had a awesome camp out!! 35 people set up basecamp right in the middle of the THR infield...


Can't even begin to paint a picture of the enviorment... all i can say is IT WAS A BLAST!@!


I need to take a special thanks moment for a list of real important helpers:


Chris and Danielle Birmingham!! Thank you for all of your help!!

Richard Chavez

Shawn Holloway

Angie Fluker

Darrell and his mom and dad!!

Chase, Cary and Ed Stapp


All of you were termendous in making this weekend special for all those kids!!! THANK YOU!!! and man was it nice to take a shower and sleep !!!

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