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Night 1 at the World Series of asphalt

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Ryan Luza started 7th, and finished 5th in the 35 lap main in the Late model class.Isabella Robustro started in the top 10, and finished 6th. I'm so happy for her for finally getting back on track  after having a brutal cash into the front straight wall last spring while running for the win at Hickory on the last lap.She got a bad concussion therein party much ended her 2023 reason.The hot lady from the Pro late model stocks last year was Kattie Hettinger, she's now driving their family owned team. She started 8th and finished 7th. So she has not yet showed the speed in the first race that they did last year while driving for the 81 team. I expect that both of these ladies will have better shows as the week goes on. Ryan Luza is running the Pro Mod late model. He started 7th, and finished 6th.


Reg Rugerrio won the super late model race. Bubba Polard dropped out with a mechanical issue.



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On 2/23/2024 at 10:23 AM, NickHolt said:

Ryan was pretty decent at Houston Mortorsports Park a few years back. 

Ryan sure didn't have as good as last year at New Smyrna. Last year he drove a car out of the Jett stable and was stout all week. I'm not sure who he drove for, or if that was a family owned car. He was mostly middle of the park in the races that I saw this year. I didn't see every night this year. I'll go back and try and see the rest.

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