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Unfortunately Matt broke his arm in the Thompson 150 race on Wed night. He was involved in a 5 car crash on the backstretch. The video didn't show any of his impact, and his car showed no damage on the left side. So I'm guessing that he got into the outside wall, but nothing looked askew as it rolled to a stop. But he didn't drop his window net once stopped. the announcers never followed up.

He broke his ulna bone, and is going to have surgery on Monday. I love watching him race, very clean & cerebral. In all of the races that I've seen him run, only 1 time did I ever see him get into a back & forth situation with another driver. That was at New Smyrna back in Feb. I think Patrick Emerling was trying to impress a new car owner, and decided he was going to move Matt, and did so blatantly. I was surprised that Matt took the opportunity to repay the favor. Then on a restart, Emerling did a huge slide job in turn 1. Matt rolled out of the throttle a bit, then gassed it up. He didn't put him in the fence, but let's just say that Emerling didn't get close enough to try anything again. Matt won, as he did every single race there in Feb. Hopefully he won't be out too long, but the ulna is a bit harder to heal, as it's the bigger bone of the two.

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Well Big Money Matt Hirschman may have missed 5 weeks with a broken arm, but he sure didn't didn't forget how to win a race. Austin Beers lead about the first 50 laps, and then a caution come out, Hirschman was running 3rd. He pitted and just screamed back to the front, about 19th position, then taking the lead for the rest of the race. With 4 caution flags in the last 20 laps, he schooled them all for the win. 

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