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New youth program introduced at Cotton Bowl Speedway
'Crash Course 101' latest video now posted online

PAIGE, Texas (May 2, 2021) — Racers across the Great State of Texas can understand the term “wholesale changes” with ease. And major changes are exactly what's been happening at RaceOnTexas, where the SpeedPass Live streaming service, weekly podcasts, race recaps and driver feature stories have brought a new level of coverage to short track racing. 

Now, a fresh new program being implemented at Cotton Bowl Speedway (in partnership with RoT) designed to attract and integrate kids into racing is ready for Prime Time. Officials at Cotton Bowl Speedway and RaceOnTexas are proud to announce “Crash Course 101” a new program for students that provides a 'cash course' in journalism and auto racing. 

“Everything we've been doing at full throttle these last few months has been aimed at refining and enhancing the product for fans and racers,” RaceOnTexas marketing director Aaron Brungot said. “The new multi-cam Live shows, the prerace shows at Cotton Bowl, all of it really enhances what we do. 

“This new program for kids is going over very well, with 21 kids signed up already. The interest is there, they all want to get out to the track soon and interview some drivers. We've taken some to Cotton Bowl and the kids are working on story lines for the summer right now. It's an exciting project.” 

To drop the green flag on this new program, two young “junior reporters” were given full media access and credentials at Cotton Bowl Speedway on Saturday, April 17. The students spent some quality time with Sprint car driver Theresa Waller, learning what it takes to compete at that level. 

“To say the girls received a 'crash course' in Sprint car racing that night is pretty accurate,” Brungot added. “Theresa took the time to explain things to them, teaching them as they asked their questions. It's only the beginning, but we're up and running with it now. It's fun to see it all come together.” 

Up next for these eager young student reporters will be to go from concept to feature stories. That time spent with Theresa Waller produced some great content, and they're working on another story we know you'll find of interest regarding a recent incident that CBS flagman Nathan Lavender went through. 

“Nathan is an educator himself, so he has immersed himself into this thing and explained to the girls how a scary incident on-track has forced him to add a helmet to his pre-race ritual before climbing the flag stand. It's just one of the many stories racing offers, an ideal arena for these kids to learn so much.” 

Kart racing attracts kid to racing, now 'Crash Course 101' is doing that in a slightly different manner. 

RaceOnTexas is the Deep South's fastest-growing motor sports media outlet. With over 100 Live shows in 2021, many with multi-cam views, lineup graphics and scoring information, they've brought network quality coverage to short track auto racing in Texas and the surrounding states. 

Add weekly Track Talk podcasts with host Caleb McFarland, a YouTube channel with tons of content, weekly driver spotlight features and race recaps from veteran journalist Phil Whipple, weekly emails with a comprehensive look back and ahead, and you have a full-service, world-class media entity. 

To learn more and to subscribe to SpeedPass today, go to www.raceontexas.com. To learn more about the great racing at Cotton Bowl Speedway, go to www.racecbs.com.

Crash Course 101! - 1.png

Crash Course 101! - 2.png

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