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2018 Sprint Car Bandits Series event statistics/season rReview to date 


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2018 Sprint Car Bandits Series event statistics/season rReview to date 

Garland, Texas (08/08/18) - Now that we are in the homestretch for the 3rd season of the NCRA 360C.I. Sprint Car Bandits® (SCB) series, we thought you might be interested to see some of the compiled statistics, through the first 14 completed SCB events of the 2018 season.

The Sprint Car Bandits series is all about the advancement of sprint car racing, taking in mind today’s economics, through helping team’s lower some of their operating costs on consumables with our rules package – while still competing for excellent purses, giving area tracks a more equitable solution for event costs, all while giving race fans quality sprint car racing events at family-friendly pricing.

That all is great. 

But now let’s switch gears and move from ‘talk’ and go right to ‘action’, which is what really matters.

-There have been 14 SCB events held in 2018, with 12 different feature winners:
Wins Driver Car#
3 Michael Day 2
1 Scottie McDonald 88
1 Danny Jennings 1J
1 Michelle Melton 21
1 Jake Bubak 9X
1 Don Droud, Jr 1X
1 Kyle Jones 04
1 Justin Fifield 3
1 Dale Wester 12W
1 Jeb Sessums 01J
1 Dalton Steed 26
1 Justin Zimmerman #1

- Not one time in 2018 has a heat race pole sitter gone on to be top qualifier in the A-feature. Teams earn the top qualifying spot by their heat finishing position, with passing points, and no redraw or invert for the feature event. 

- Yet, in 14 events, only 4 top qualifiers have gone on to win the A-feature that night, and in all 4 of those cases, they all advanced from their heat starting spot to earn their #1 qualifier spot.

- Here are the SCB #1 qualifiers after heat race starting/finishing positions in 2018:
HOT – Tyson Hall Started 7th in heat, finished 2nd in heat to earn pole
105 – Marcus Thomas 7th to 3rd in heat to earn pole
Superbowl – Dalton Stevens from 4th to win, to earn pole
SOS – Danny Jennings from 7th to 2nd in heat to earn pole
GCS – Gary Floyd from 4th to win heat, to earn pole
81 – Jeremy Campbell started 4th and won heat to earn pole
81 – Don Droud Jr. started 2nd and won heat to earn pole
Superbowl – Michael Lang started 6th and won heat to earn pole
GTRP – Colby Estes started 2nd and won heat to earn pole
HOT – Dalton Steed started 6th and finished 2nd to earn pole
KSP – Jeb Sessums started 5th and won heat to earn pole
LoneStar – Tyson Hall started 8th and finished 2nd to earn pole
67 – Justin Zimmerman started 4th and won heat to earn pole
RoseBowl – Beau Smith started 4th and won heat to earn pole

- Here are the starting spots of all 14 SCB feature winners in 2018:

HOT – 5th place starter won, Michael Day
105 – 3rd, Scottie McDonald
Superbowl – 2nd, Michael Day
SOS – 1st, Danny Jennings (started 7th in heat)
GCS – 2nd, Michelle Melton
81 – 4th, Jeremy Campbell
81 – 1st, Don Droud Jr. (started 2nd in heat)
Superbowl – 10th, Kyle Jones
GTRP – 2nd, Justin Fifield
HOT – 6th, Dale Wester
KSP – 1st, Jeb Sessums (started 5th in heat)
LoneStar – 2nd, Dalton Steed
67 – 1st, Justin Zimmerman (started 4th in heat)
RoseBowl – 2nd, Michael Day

Complete point standings are posted at the www.SprintCarBandits.com series for all 106 teams that have competed in the SCB series in 2018 at 11 different speedways within Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas. 

Our next SCB event is coming Friday night August 24th at Heart O’ Texas Speedway near Waco. Our remaining 2018 schedule is posted at the series website and Facebook pages. 

We thank all the fans, teams, race track owners/workers, safety crews and Series sponsors for their support and hope that you enjoyed your nights of racing with us thus far. 

We have lots of exciting things already in the works for next season, and we’ll keep everyone apprised throughout the off-season, when it arrives in October. We also plan to keep our 2019 events schedule to specific amount, so if you’re a track that knows you want to host a SCB event, please contact us for available dates by emailing dssm493@yahoo.com – as 2019 events scheduling is already underway.


Check out our rules package if you’re not familiar with the Series, as it only takes minutes to make your car Sprint Car Bandits-legal, at virtually no additional cost, for any sprint car of 360C.I. or under. 

Continued best of luck to everyone as the season marches on, and we hope that you enjoyed our Sprint Car Bandits statistical recap at this point in the 2018 season, and we hope to see you at Heart O’ Texas on August 24th for ‘MDA Night at the Speedway’ for another night of great sprint car racing action.

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