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Demo Derby & Trailer race


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1. Any American made car, or station wagon is allowed, EXCEPT CHRYSLER IMPERIALS
2. All glass, molding and flammable materials must be removed. 
3. Original gas tank must be removed. 
4. No trailer hitches or frame bracing is allowed. 
5. No reinforcements!! This means no additional metal added to the car anywhere except for the door, hood and trunk seams. 
6. No tires larger than 15". Solid tires or multi-ply tires are OK. No flats make for a better show. 
7. Valve stem protectors are allowed. 
8. May remove fan. No electric fans allowed. 
9. Rear end may be locked. 
10. May move battery, but if inside must be covered. 
11. Air shocks are OK. 
12. Transmission coolers are allowed but if inside they must be covered. 
13. Fire extinguishers are required. 
14. You must have some working brakes. 
15. Driver’s seat may be braced. 
16. Fenders may be trimmed and motors chained. 
17. Bumpers may be welded to frame. 
18. Bumpers must be wired or chained to frame or body (not both), to stop you from running over them 
19. All doors, hood and trunks must be wired, chained or welded shut. If any door on your car comes open you will be disqualified. 
20. You must have a 10" inspection hole in hood and trunk. 
21. Suspension – Front and rear suspension must remain stock. 
22 All floorboard plugs must be removed. 
23. A car may have the engine, rear-end, and transmission swapped, ie. Chevrolet in Chrysler, Chrysler in Ford, etc. 
24. Alteration of a drive shaft is allowed. 
25. NO truck rear-ends allowed. 
26. Alteration of a steering column is allowed to prevent loss of steering. 
27. Frame may be re-welded on factory seams only. Factory holes in frame may not be welded or covered up. 
28. Radiators must remain in stock position. 
29. Any gas line or tranny line that is inside the car must be of metal tubing. 
30. Any car having its stock bumper replaced will be replaced with an automobile bumper only. 
31. No raising or lowering of vehicles. Cars must remain in stock position and must be within a few inches of factory specs. 
32. Only stock car springs allowed. 
33. Center of steering wheels must be padded; drivers door padding is recommended. 
34. No passenger allowed in car. NO EXCEPTIONS
35. Transmission burp tube is required. 
36. Cars must be numbered on both sides and roof at least 16" tall. Numbers must be legible. 
37. Please keep all sponsorship's, signage and decals on vehicles clean. No vulgarity allowed. This is a family sport.

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