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Storm Scott takes USMTS Slick Mist Show-Me Shootout at Lucas Oil Speedway


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Stormy Scott beats Johnny Scott to checkers in USMTS Slick Mist Show-Me Shootout at Lucas Oil Speedway

WHEATLAND, Mo. (Aug. 4)--Nobody brings the excitement to America's dirt ovals like the United States Modified Touring Series, and no dirt track in America provides a better environment for drivers to shine than the Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Mo.

The two came together Saturday night for the 9th Annual Slick Mist Show-Me Shootout presented by Foley Equipment and what the combination delivered was an epic 40-lap main event that few, if any, watching from the grandstands will ever forget.

And for Stormy Scott, who fended off his twin brother Johnny Scott for the $3,000 win, it was a lot of patience and a little bit of luck that allowed him to forget the 2015 event here at the 'Diamond of Dirt Tracks' where Johnny outmuscled Stormy in a wild main event.

"I knew if I could get by the 20 (Rodney Sanders) and try to get a little bit of clean air that I felt like I could get by the 87 (Darron Fuqua), and then I got by him and look over and see Johnny," Stormy Scott said in victory lane. "He was down a lot lower than me and I just couldn't go as good down there so I knew that I had to hit my line about perfect every lap and keep it as straight and smooth as I could."

But for his 49th career USMTS win, Stormy Scott needed an ounce of luck and race not one lap longer.

"Right when I went by the checkered flag the right rear tire blew out," he added. "Just super lucky."

Drawing the outside of the front row for the start of the Casey's General Stores "A" Main, Fuqua, of Mayetta, Kan., jumped out front at the waving of the green flag and proceeded to build a sizeable lead over the other 25 starters.

A brief caution on the fourth lap didn't slow Fuqua's pace as he pulled away from his pursuers once again after the restart. Lapped traffic came into play around the mid-point of the race but Fuqua maintained a six- to ten-car-length advantage over Sanders, Stormy Scott, Jake O'Neil and Terry Phillips as they fought for positions inside the top 5.

Johnny Scott cracked the top 5 a few laps later when O'Neil's spin with 13 laps to go brought out the second and final yellow flag of the race and wiping out Fuqua's cushion.

When the green flag returned, Fuqua headed back to the high side of the 3/8-mile clay oval while Sanders took a peek underneath with the Scott brothers trailing in third and fourth. When they came to the start-finish line Fuqua and Sanders were side by side with Fuqua getting the nod on the transponders.

Sanders and Fuqua raced that way for one more lap before Stormy Scott stuck his nose in between the two and made it three wide as they completed lap 29.

As if they were testing the width of the front straight-away, lap 31 saw all four race beneath the flagstand in a virtual four-wide dead heat, but Fuqua continued to hold the lead by a bumper while the Scotts knocked Sanders back two spots.

Fuqua held tough for the next three laps, but Stormy Scott got the dig he needed and pulled ahead of Fuqua at the flagstand to lead the 35th lap. Johnny Scott followed into second one lap later while Fuqua stayed within striking distance.

Seeing his brother pull even with him on a couple of occasions didn't' deter Stormy Scott from holding his ground and beating his brother to the checkered flag with a car length to spare, but no rubber to spare on his right rear tire.

With a flat right rear tire, Stormy Scott limped to the track's tech barn and back out onto the speedway to claim his giant plastic winner's check in front of an approving crowd while Johnny Scott and Fuqua parked nearby, settling for second- and third-place paychecks.


"We could've won if we didn't have that yellow, but these guys were just better than I was at the end of the race," Fuqua said of his career-best USMTS finish. "The top got to where it was about nothing, getting real thin. I just didn't quite have enough tonight, but I'm real happy to run third against these boys. There was a lot of good cars behind me."

For Johnny Scott, it was an improvement from Friday night's finish outside of the top 10, but losing to his twin brother didn't take the sting out of failing to get the victory.

"I'd like to have beat him, but it was a good run for our team," said Johnny Scott, the USMTS Hunt for the Casey's Cup points leader. "These VanderBuilt cars have been awesome all year long. We've had a heck of a year. We had a good run and we'll see if we can keep knocking these top-fives off and maybe pull this championship off."

The result left Johnny Scott still in command of the national points chase with Stormy Scott edging in front of Sanders for second in the standings.

"I've never won a USMTS show here," Stormy Scott said. "I've won one local show here, last year, and definitely have been wanting to get a win here. It can't get much better than this."

VanderBeek is fourth and O'Neil holds down the fifth spot. While Johnny Scott's advantage stands at 149 markers, just 60 points separate the rest of the top five.

The road to the $50,000 USMTS national championship heads north next weekend for a three-night swing, Aug. 10-12On Friday, the series invades the I-94 Speedway in Fergus Falls, Minn., and Saturday will find the USMTS at the Ogilvie Raceway before crossing the border into Iowa on Sunday en route to the Mason City Motor Speedway.

To learn more about the United States Modified Touring Series, visit www.usmts.com online or call 515-832-7944. You can also like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/usmts, follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/usmts and Instagram at www.instagram.com/usmts or subscribe to our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/usmtstv. Keep up to speed with everything USMTS by joining our email list at www.usmts.com/subscribe.

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United States Modified Touring Series
USMTS Hunt for the Casey's Cup powered by Summit
9th Annual Slick Mist Show-Me Shootout presented by Foley Equipment
Lucas Oil Speedway, Wheatland, Mo.
Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018

Showing finishing position, starting position in parentheses, car number, driver, hometown, chassis/engine builder, laps completed and money won. The top 12 in heat race passing points advance to the Casey's General Stores "A" Main with the top 8 redrawing for the first 8 starting spots.

1. (2) 87 Darron Fuqua, Mayetta, Kan.
2. (3) 53r Ronnie Woods, Mexico, Mo.
3. (6) 91 Joe Duvall, Claremore, Okla.
4. (7) 3366 Ryan Gillmore, Springfield, Mo.
5. (5) 44t Ethan Dotson, Bakersfield, Calif.
6. (4) 292 Kyle Thompson (R), Joplin, Mo.
7. (8) 00 Jesse Stovall, Billings, Mo.
8. (1) 8 Jeremy Vaughn, Pocola, Okla.
9. (9) 30 Matt Leer, Bruce, Wis.

1. (4) 2s Stormy Scott, Las Cruces, N.M.
2. (2) 88 Chad Wheeler, Muskogee, Okla.
3. (9) 0 Jake O'Neil (R), Tucson, Ariz.
4. (1) 07 Cory Crapser, Chippewa Falls, Wis.
5. (7) 96t R.C. Whitwell, Tucson, Ariz.
6. (6) 98 Jeff Cutshaw, Bolivar, Mo.
7. (3) 1m Curt Myers, Cameron, Wis.
8. (8) 8c Chris Clark, Jackson, Wyo.
9. (5) 4w Tyler Wolff, Fayetteville, Ark.

1. (4) 33z Zack VanderBeek, New Sharon, Iowa.
2. (2) 69 Lucas Schott, Chatfield, Minn.
3. (1) 16 Austin Siebert, Grandview, Mo.
4. (5) 21 Austin Bonner, Elk City, Okla.
5. (3) 5d Devon Havlik, Iowa Falls, Iowa.
6. (7) 8s Jon Sheets, Nevada, Mo.
7. (8) 40 Brian Green, Pierce City, Mo.
8. (6) 05 Milt David, Carrier, Okla.

1. (3) 20 Rodney Sanders, Happy, Texas.
2. (8) 75 Terry Phillips, Springfield, Mo.
3. (5) 4r Dereck Ramirez, Woodward, Okla.
4. (6) 5k Kyle Prauner (R), Norfolk, Neb.
5. (7) 23 Adam Kates, Tonganoxie, Kan.
6. (1) 11n Gene Nicholas, Lowell, Ark.
7. (2) 38c Jason Pursley, Hermitage, Mo.
8. (4) 9 Jerad Fuller, Memphis, Mo.

1. (1) 1st Johnny Scott, Cameron, Mo.
2. (2) 21t Lance Town, Wellsville, Kan.
3. (4) 19r Ryan Gustin, Marshalltown, Iowa.
4. (7) 12 Jason Hughes, Watts, Okla.
5. (5) 227 Chase Domer, Nevada, Mo.
6. (6) 19sb Lance Mari (R), Imperial, Calif.
7. (3) 21m Dalton McKinney, Clarksville, Mo.
8. (8) 33 Danny Martin, Republic, Mo.

REAL RACING WHEELS "B" MAIN #1 (15 laps, top 5 advance):
1. (5) 96t R.C. Whitwell, Tucson, Ariz.
2. (1) 4r Dereck Ramirez, Woodward, Okla.
3. (2) 3366 Ryan Gillmore, Springfield, Mo.
4. (3) 16 Austin Siebert, Grandview, Mo.
5. (6) 44t Ethan Dotson (R), Bakersfield, Calif.
6. (4) 21 Austin Bonner, Elk City, Okla., MBCustoms/ChevPerf, $90.
7. (10) 00 Jesse Stovall, Billings, Mo., MBCustoms/Yeoman, $75.
8. (15) 30 Matt Leer, Bruce, Wis., MBCustoms/Stone, $90.
9. (11) 1m Curt Myers, Cameron, Wis., Hughes/Sput's, $90.
10. (9) 11n Gene Nicholas, Lowell, Ark., Hughes/Kelly, $90.
11. (8) 292 Kyle Thompson (R), Joplin, Mo.
12. (13) 8c Chris Clark, Jackson, Wyo., GRT/ChevPerf, $200.
13. (12) 21m Dalton McKinney, Clarksville, Mo., Rage/ChevPerf, $75.
14. (14) 9 Jerad Fuller, Memphis, Mo., GRT/Mullins, $75.
15. (7) 227 Chase Domer, Nevada, Mo., GRT/Schultz, $75.

REAL RACING WHEELS "B" MAIN #2 (15 laps, top 5 advance):
1. (2) 12 Jason Hughes, Watts, Okla.
2. (1) 19r Ryan Gustin, Marshalltown, Iowa
3. (15) 4w Tyler Wolff, Fayetteville, Ark.
4. (5) 23 Adam Kates, Tonganoxie, Kan.
5. (8) 98 Jeff Cutshaw, Bolivar, Mo.
6. (7) 8s Jon Sheets, Nevada, Mo.
7. (4) 07 Cory Crapser, Chippewa Falls, Wis., MBCustoms/Troy's, $90.
8. (3) 5k Kyle Prauner (R), Norfolk, Neb.
9. (12) 8 Jeremy Vaughn, Pocola, Okla., Hughes/BMS, $90.
10. (9) 19sb Lance Mari (R), Imperial, Calif.
11. (14) 33 Danny Martin, Republic, Mo., Hoffman/ChevPerf, $75.
12. (10) 40 Brian Green, Pierce City, Mo., MBR/ChevPerf, $75.
13. (6) 5d Devon Havlik, Iowa Falls, Iowa, GRT/Jono's, $75.
14. (13) 05 Milt David, Carrier, Okla., Phoenix/Dunsworth, $75.
15. (11) 38c Jason Pursley, Hermitage, Mo., GRT/Midstate, $75.

1. (3) 2s Stormy Scott, Las Cruces, N.M., VanderBuilt/Mullins, 40, $3475.
2. (8) 1st Johnny Scott, Cameron, Mo., VanderBuilt/Hill, 40, $2150.
3. (2) 87 Darron Fuqua, Mayetta, Kan., MBCustoms/Driskell, 40, $1200.
4. (6) 20 Rodney Sanders, Happy, Texas, MBCustoms/Hatfield, 40, $1425.
5. (11) 69 Lucas Schott, Chatfield, Minn., MBCustoms/Hill, 40, $1220.
6. (13) 96t R.C. Whitwell, Tucson, Ariz., Victory/ChevPerf, 40, $700.
7. (4) 33z Zack VanderBeek, New Sharon, Iowa, VanderBuilt/Stoen, 40, $1015.
8. (7) 75 Terry Phillips, Springfield, Mo., GRT/Durham, 40, $910.
9. (14) 12 Jason Hughes, Watts, Okla., Hughes/Mullins, 40, $450.
10. (16) 19r Ryan Gustin, Marshalltown, Iowa, Hughes/TriStar, 40, $400.
11. (10) 88 Chad Wheeler, Muskogee, Okla., VanderBuilt/Durham, 40, $375.
12. (20) 23 Adam Kates, Tonganoxie, Kan., LG2/Speedway, 40, $755.
13. (22) 98 Jeff Cutshaw, Bolivar, Mo., MBCustoms/SCP, 40, $275.
14. (18) 4w Tyler Wolff, Fayetteville, Ark., MBCustoms/Hatfield, 40, $300.
15. (15) 4r Dereck Ramirez, Woodward, Okla., Hughes/Cornett, 40, $700.
16. (12) 21t Lance Town, Wellsville, Kan., MBCustoms/Driskell, 40, $300.
17. (9) 91 Joe Duvall, Claremore, Okla., MBCustoms/ChevPerf, 40, $600.
18. (17) 3366 Ryan Gillmore, Springfield, Mo., Hoffman/ChevPerf, 40, $300.
19. (5) 53r Ronnie Woods, Mexico, Mo., GRT/Creason, 40, $250.
20. (1) 0 Jake O'Neil (R), Tucson, Ariz., LG2/ChevPerf, 27, $695.
21. (21) 44t Ethan Dotson (R), Bakersfield, Calif., MBCustoms/ChevPerf, 23, $300.
22. (23) 19sb Lance Mari (R), Imperial, Calif., MRT/Yeoman, 22, $300.
23. (26) 292 Kyle Thompson (R), Joplin, Mo., Shaw/ChevPerf, 19, $300.
24. (19) 16 Austin Siebert, Grandview, Mo., MBCustoms/Durham, 14, $300.
25. (25) 8s Jon Sheets, Nevada, Mo., MBCustoms/Hatfield, 10, $250.
26. (24) 5k Kyle Prauner (R), Norfolk, Neb., Razor/ChevPerf, 7, $300.

(R) = Grant Junghans USMTS Rookie of the Year contender

Lap Leaders: Fuqua 1-34, S. Scott 35-40.
Total Laps Led: Fuqua 34, S. Scott 6.
Margin of Victory: 0.574 second.
Time of Race: 18 minutes, 1.035 seconds (2 cautions).
Provisional Starters: Mari, Prauner, Sheets (track), Thompson (track).
Eibach Spring Forward Award: Whitwell (advanced 13 positions).
FK Rod Ends Hard Charger: Cutshaw (started 22nd, finished 13th).
Entries: 42.
Next Race: Friday, Aug. 10, I-94 Speedway, Fergus Falls, Minn.
USMTS Hunt for the Casey's Cup Points: J. Scott 2300, S. Scott 2151, Sanders 2148, VanderBeek 2095, O'Neil 2091, Schott 2024, Ramirez 2010, Phillips 1993, Kates 1443, Duvall 1422.
Grant Junghans USMTS Rookie of the Year Points: O'Neil 1985, Mari 926, Carlos Ahumada Jr. 760, Zane Ferrell 692, Billy Vogel 610.
USMTS Engine Builder of the Year Points: Durham 230, Mullins 188, Sput's 181, Cornett 177, Hatfield 173.
USMTS Manufacturers Championship Points: VanderBuilt 267, MBCustoms 254, Hughes 189, GRT 187, LG2 176.

Contingency Awards:
American Racer - Crapser.
Beyea Custom Headers - Duvall.
BSB Manufacturing - Dotson.
Casey's General Stores - Duvall.
Champ Pans - Schott.
Deatherage Opticians - Kates.
E3 Spark Plugs - Fuqua.
Edelbrock - VanderBeek.
Eibach - Whitwell.
Fast Shafts - S. Scott.
FK Rod Ends - Cutshaw.
Forty9 Designs - Wolff, Woods.
GRT Race Cars - Woods.
Hooker Harness - Cutshaw.
Integra Shocks & Springs - Gillmore.
Jerovetz Motorsports Racing Parts - Ramirez.
Keyser Manufacturing - Gustin.
KSE Racing Products - Hughes.
Maxima Racing Oils - S. Scott.
Mesilla Valley Transportation - .
Out-Pace Racing Products - Town.
QA1 - Hughes.
RacerWebsite.com - O'Neil.
Real Racing Wheels - all non-qualifiers.
Simpson Performance Products - Fuqua.
Swift Springs - S. Scott, Sheets.
Sybesma Graphics - O'Neil.
Tire Demon - Wheeler.
VP Racing Fuels - S. Scott.
Wehrs Machine & Racing Products - Phillips.
Wilwood Disc Brakes - VanderBeek.

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