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I-37 Speedway 5-06-05 Full Results

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I-37 Speedway Full Results 5-06-05


Another fantastic night of racing at I-37 Speedway! More cars, more action, and more fun.


Pure Stocks


Heat Races (top 3)


Heat 1

1.48a M.K. Wallace

2.17 Devin Adler

3.76 Frankie Acrillic


Heat 2

1.4 Abraham Mares

2.40 Phillip Cantoo

3.70 Adam Torres


Note: The number 40 of Phillip Cantoo was moved up to the Street Stocks class for the Feature


Thirteen cars went twenty laps in the first feature race of the night. Abraham Mares got the lead on the start and lead the first five laps. His time at the point would come to an end, as under yellow, Mares pitted with a flat tire. The yellow flag was for Tom Williams, who had one of the infield tires stuck under his car. Going to green the top five would be Paul Reyes, Adam Torres, James Starry, Allen Torres, and M.K. Wallace. Mares would get the tire changed and tag on to the back of the pack.


A lap after the green came back out, Adam Torres would get around Reyes for the lead, as his younger brother, Allen Torres was moving into third around Starry. A lap later would see the younger Torres get by Reyes for the second place. The sibling fight would commence.


Meanwhile, the race for third was heating up. On lap seven Reyes, Starry and Wallace would go three wide into turn one. Reyes would hold onto that position, as Starry and Wallace continued to dice for fourth. As the cars came to the crossed flags, Reyes would get around Adam Torres for second.


A lap after getting by the older Torres, Reyes would catch and the younger Torres. The two banged doors going into turn one. Reyes would regain the lead, while Wallace would get Starry in the same corner for third. Three laps later, Allen Torres would again challenge Reyes for the top spot. They would go side by side into turn one, with Torres putting his car in front.


Five laps from the end, Wallace and Starry would get into trouble in turn four. The top five going to the green flag was, Allen Torres, Adam Torres, who made it by Reyes a lap earlier, then Reyes, Rusty Henley and Devin Adler. As soon as they went back to racing, Mares would get by two cars and to move up to fourth. But that was the end to any position swapping, as the Pure Stock points leader, Allen Torres crossed the finish line first, for his fifth win of the year.


Allen Torres is 15 years old form San Antonio. He drives a 1976 Ford Maverick powered by a 302 c.i. engine. He is sponsored by Padget's Used Cars and Northside Ford.




1.67 Allen Torres

2.70 Adam Torres

3.24 Paul Reyes

4. 4 Abraham Mares

5.74 James Starry

6.17 Devin Adler

7.76 Frankie Acrillic (sp?)

8. 5 J. D. Reynolds

9.11 Chris Mclendon

10. 76x Rusty Henley

11. 48a M.K. Wallace

12. 66 Johnny Torres

13. 48 Tom Williams



Limited Late Models


Heat race (top 3)


1.3 Abraham Mares

2.13 Howie Marcx

3.29 David Boudreau


Seven cars lined up for the twelve lap feature race. On lap one Carl “Stubby†Dyer would get the lead, with Abraham Mares, Howie Marcx, and Gary Hunter chasing him. On the second lap, Marcx would pass Mares for second.


As the field went under the crossed flags, the top five were Dyer, Marcx, Mares, Hunter, and David Boudreau. A lap later Boudreau spun in turn two and brought out the caution flag. The spin would move Carl Reusser into the fifth spot. Hunter would get inside of Mares going into turn one on the restart and move to third place. But Mares wouldn't just lay down without a fight and he re-passed Hunter a lap later. On lap nine, Reusser would get the black flag and pull off the track, because his car was smoking. Positions would stay static through the rest of the race, with “Stubby†Dyer taking his first win of the season.


Carl “Stubby†Dyer is 30 years old from Summerset. He drives a 1978 Camero with a 355 under the hood. He is sponsored by Larry James Trucking and David's Auto Graphics. He finished second in points in 2003 in the then Hot Stock class.




1.12 Carl “Stubby†Dyer

2.13 Howie Marcx

3. 3 Abraham Mares

4.14 Gary Hunter

5.29 David Boudreau

6. 4 Carl “Ziggy†Reusser



I.M.C.A. Southern Sport Modifieds


Heat race (top 3)

1.56 Jeffery Walker

2.39 Derrick Flora

3.24 Marshall Brown


Five cars made it out for the twelve lap feature race. Current points leader Jeffery Walker would get the lead on the green flag, with Robert Williams and Derrick Flora in second and third. Lap two would see Marshall Brown get around Flora for third. And lap later, Brown would get by Williams for second. The two banged wheels going down the back straight, but Brown would get the spot.


As the field completed half the laps, the top five were, Walker, Brown, Williams, Flora and Rodney Norton. Four laps later, Norton would get by Flora for fourth. A yellow would fly due to Brown spinning in turn three. That moved Williams to second, Norton to third, and Flora to fourth.


When the green came back out on the restart, Flora would get under Norton in turn two and take back third. Just one lap later, Flora would get by Williams. Williams and Flora would have contact in turn four, with Flora spinning out. No caution was thrown and the current points leader, Walker cruised to the win.


Jeffery Walker drives a 2004 Eagle chassis, powered by a Chevy 350. The 40 year old driver from McAllen is sponsored by CNM Graphics and Eagle Modifieds. The car is prepared and wrenched by Chris Carrol and his son, Michael Walker. Cheering on their driver from the stands is his wife Joanna, and their two daughters Jessica and Abby. This was his second win of the year.




1.56 Jeffery Walker

2.02 Robert Williams

3.00 Rodney Norton

4.24 Marshall Brown

5.39 Derrick Flora

DNS Darren Swatsenbarg



Street Stocks


Heat race (top 3)

1.11 David Boggs

2.51 Don Lewis

3.25 Johnny Torres


Seven cars went around fifteen times for the Street Stock feature race. David Boggs got the initial jump over the field, but Johnny Torres tried to take it away by going high, side by side, with Boggs in turn two. The low line would prove to be the faster one, and Boggs held onto the lead. Lap two would see the 2004 Pure Stock Champion, Darin Leonard, pull his car off the track. A lap later, Daniel Pierce, would and pull off the track.


As the cars completed halfway, only four cars remained on the lead lap. They were, in order, Boggs, Torres, Donald Lewis, and Phillip Cantoo. Randy Guzman was in fifth, but laps down with a sick motor. Guzman would take pull off the track on the next lap.


The race would see its only yellow on lap thirteen when Cantoo spun and stalled in turn four. Cantoo's car would not continue, The top three were Boggs, Torres, and Lewis. As the white flag flew over the field, Lewis would get around Torres in turn four. Lewis could not catch Boggs for the win.


David Boggs recorded his second win of the season in his Monty Carlo. He is sponsored by PCI Transportation, Mission Auto Parts, and Denis Hillia Auto Service. The 42 year old from Pleasanton has been racing for 21 years, and is the 1991 Abilene Speedway Mini Mod Champion. His crew is Kiki, Jason, Brian, Denis, and John. His wife Shelly, and three daughters Breley, Chaslin, and Katlin were thrilled to see David's second victory of the year.


1.11 David Boggs

2.51 Don Lewis

3.25 Johnny Torres

4.40 Phillip Cantoo

5.79 Randy Guzman

6.29 Daniel Pierce

7.26 Darin Leonard


I.M.C.A. Modifieds


Heat races (top 3)


Heat 1

1.25 Bobby Grobe

2.128 James Mikulencak

3.41 Mitch Hardman


Heat 2

1.89 Steve Whiteaker Jr

2.88 Steve Whiteaker Sr

3.55 “NASCAR†Danny Brown


Heat 3

1.57 Dale Flanagan

2.97 Joe Barnec

3.71 Glenn Derks


Heat 4

1.94 Nickey Hardcastle

2. 7 Lawrence Mikulencak

3.37 Billy Pittaway


Nineteen cars started the Twenty lap feature race. Steve Whiteaker Sr would lead the first lap, with James Mikulencak, Dale Flanagan, Lawrence Mikulencak, and Bobby Grobe following behind. They would only get that one lap in before yellow would wave. Jeremy Davenport, Lupe Gomez, and Shawn O'banon tangled in turn four. On the restart, O'banon would spin in turn two, but would keep going before the yellow came out. Meanwhile, up front D. Flanagan was racing wheel to wheel with J. Mikulencak for the second, with J. Mikulencak keeping the position. But four laps later, D. Flanagan would finally grab that position away from J. Mikulencak.


On lap seven, Lawrence Mikulencak would make his way into the third spot, moving his younger brother back to fourth. Caution flew for O'banon, who solo spun in turn two on lap eight. The top five coming to the restart were Whiteaker Sr, D. Flanagan, L. Mikulencak, J. Mikulencak, and Danny Brown. When the green waved, J. Mikulencak would try to take third from his brother, going side by side with him. But L. Mikulencak would hold onto the position.


As the cars went below the crossed flags, the top five were Whiteaker Sr, D. Flanagan, L. Mikulencak, J. Mikulencak and coming from his eleventh starting position, Whiteaker Jr. On the very next lap, D. Flanagan challenged for the lead, with the two going side by side. D. Flanagan would prevail, and lead lap twelve. L. Mikulencak would also get by Whiteaker Sr, and moved into second. Yellow would come out next on lap thirteen for Davenport who had spun in turn four.


Resetting the field for the restart, the top five was a family affair with D. Flanagan in the lead,then L. Mikulencak, Whiteaker Sr, J. Mikulencak, and Whiteaker Jr following. They would only enjoy one lap of green before yellow would wave again, this time for Davenport and Mitch Hardman spinning in turn four. There was no change in the top five.


But a lap later, the top five would change drastically, when L. Mikulencak pulled off the track with a broken drive flange. On lap fifteen Brown would make it back into the fifth spot. Whiteaker Jr would get around J. Mikulencak for for third on lap sixteen.


With two laps to go, Whiteaker Sr tried to move into the lead, using the high groove to get beside D. Flanagan for the lead. As the white flag fluttered in the breeze, Whiteaker Jr would get by first his father, then D. Flanagan going into turn one, by using the low line. Whiteaker Sr would get by D. Flanagan and follow his son to the checkered flag. Brown would lose fifth to Greg Dinsmore, who started eighteenth on the grid.


Steve Whiteaker Jr, the Defending I.M.C.A. Modified Champion won his second race at I-37 Speedway of the year. The 17 year old Junior at Tuloso High School in Corpus Christi drives a 2002 Wayne Larson Chassis, with a 383 under the hood. He is sponsored by Skips Services, Jerry Whiteaker, and Randy Young.


After the race, with a big wink, and his tongue firmly planted in his cheek, Whiteaker the Senior said, “I have to let the kid win every once in a whileâ€.




1.89 Steve Whiteaker Jr

2.88 Steve Whiteaker Sr

3.57 Dale Flanagan

4.128 James Mikulencak

5.8g Greg Dinsmore

6.55 Danny Brown

7.25 Bobby Grobe

8.174 Mickey Helms

9.37 Billy Pittaway

10.125 Jason Borlace

11. 7x Lupe Gomez

12.420 Shawn O'banon

13.97 Joe Barnec

14. 1 Jeremy Davenport

15. 7 Lawrence Mikulencak

16.41 Mitch Hardman

17.94 Nickey Hardcastle

18.32 Raymond Tague

19.71 Glenn Derks


Another terrific night of racing. Come and see us next week. Starting time will change to 8:00 PM


Bill “Sarge†Masom

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