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Oates Has Short Night at SAS

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Release: May 2, 2005

Contact: T. Q. Jones, (512) 261-5236


Despite Borrowed Engine, Sunbelt Champ Oates Has Short Night in "Spring Fling 75" at San Antonio Speedway


San Antonio – Joe Aramendia and Aramendia Racing came to the aid of 2004 NASCAR Sunbelt Champion Justin Oates by lending him an engine after Oates' Affordable Trailers Chevrolet Monte Carlo blew during Oates' first late model race of the season at San Antonio Speedway (SAS) on April 23. However, as the saying goes, "no good deed goes unpunished," and the "Spring Fling 75" race last Saturday night at SAS resulted in Aramendia, Oates and Aramendia's nephew, Brian Moczygemba, all up against the wall in turns one and two after 15 laps.


Aramendia, who had tangled with Donny Horelka while trying to pass, was able to continue and would finish seventh, but Oates and Moczygemba were done for the night, credited with 17th and 19th respectively. When Aramendia and Horelka got mixed up, Oates spun to avoid and backed his Affordable Trailers Chevy into the turn one wall with minor damage. Unfortunately, Mark Ackerman and Moczygemba couldn't avoid Oates, with Ackerman vaulting across the nose of Oates' Chevy and Moczygemba sliding into him.


"It's funny," Oates said Monday. "Brian and I ended up with almost identical damage to the front ends except Ackerman knocked my carburetor off as he went over. But we'll both be back out next weekend. My dad probably won't make it, though. We don't have time to fix both of our cars." Jason Oates was driving the Affordable Trailers Camaro Justin used to win the Sportsman title last year, but a broken hub separated him from a front wheel and put him into the wall. Jason is okay, but one front corner of the Camaro is a little used.


Justin Oates still has the borrowed engine from Aramendia in his car, and remains tenth in points in the SAS NASCAR Late Model Series, part of the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series. Twenty-two drivers and cars are now in the points hunt at San Antonio Speedway, with Aramendia in third and Moczygemba in fifth. The late models are back at SAS on Saturday, with the Sportsman cars, Road Runners and Women on Wheels classes again in action. Gates open at 5:00 pm and the racing action starts at 7:00 pm.


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