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Congrats to Class Champs and Top 3 in each Class


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While our season was thrown several weird weather curve balls and shortened due to weather issues, we are very proud of the great events held and especially with an operations team consisting of all rookies with the exception of our tenured flagman and entertaining track announcer.
We will be announcing details on an end of the season banquet with trophies for the top 3 in each class and we want to now publicly recognize and congratulate the top 3 in each class.
Thank you and Congratulations to all teams who competed at Texana Raceway Park this year. It takes a significant level of commitment and dedication, including not attending other events of interest, when you run for points. So, congratulations to the top 3 in each of the classes:
Pure Stock - Brice Baros class champ. Mike Mosely 2nd, and Joseph Snow and Mike Horelka tied for 3rd
Mod Lites / Dwarfs - Victor Vargas class champ. Ricky Adcock 2nd and Mike Christians 3rd
Street Stock - Michale Pesek class champ. Jason Fitch 2nd. Shawn Kline 3rd
Limited Mods - Mickey Helms class champ. Edward Oakes 2nd. Chase Sanchez 3rd.
Thank you and Congratulations everyone!
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