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Oates Getting Ready for "Spring Fling"

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Relase: April 28, 2005

Contact: T. Q. Jones, (512) 261-5236


Veteran NASCAR Driver Aramendia Lends Sunbelt Champ Oates an Engine for "Spring Fling 75" Race at SAS


San Antonio – Joe Aramendia and Aramendia Racing have come to the aid of 2004 NASCAR Sunbelt Champion Justin Oates, offering an engine to Oates after Oates' Affordable Trailers Chevrolet Monte Carlo blew an engine during Oates' first late model race of the season at San Antonio Speedway (SAS). Oates had skipped the first race of the season to attend his La Vernia High School prom and came back last Saturday night to qualify his Affordable Trailers entry fourth in the late model field, running as high as second before the engine blew.


Joe Aramendia got the win, but when he heard the damage to Oates' engine was too severe to be repaired before this weekend's inaugural "Spring Fling 75" at SAS, he called and offered his backup engine to Oates. Aramendia and Oates are obviously competitors in the late model series and Aramendia's nephew, Brian Moczygemba, is competing with Oates for rookie of the year in the class, but that didn't matter to Aramendia.


"I've known Justin for a lot of years," Aramendia said today (Thursday), "and I hate to see him not get a chance to race. So when I found out how bad the damage was, I called and offered our spare motor to him."


The veteran Aramendia races at SAS, but has also competed in both the NASCAR Busch Series and the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. His nephew Brian and Justin are both 18 and just starting their racing careers. Justin won nine of 16 races in the Sportsman Class last season and is expected to contend for wins immediately as he steps up to the late model division; but having missed the first two races, he will have his work cut out for him if he expects to finish high in the points. He's currently in 10th place, with Moczygemba in seventh and Aramendia second behind leader Robert Barker.


In addition to the Spring Fling 75 (with a $1,500.00 purse to the winner), Saturday night's action at SAS will feature the first visit of 2005 by the Texas Asphalt Modified Series (TAMS), plus the usual SAS racing classes. Gates open at 5:00 pm and racing starts at 7:00 pm.


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