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Action Rentals and Sales to sponsor WWW contests


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You know those Texas Speed Zone “Who Will Win” contests that pay the winners nada, zip, zilch? Well, thanks to Action Rentals and Sales of San Antonio that’s all changing.


Starting with the races on April 30th, the TSZ staff will be keeping track of who wins the Who Will Win contests for five Texas-based racing series – USRA SLM, USRA Trucks, TAMS, TSRS and TPS. At the end of the racing season, the person who has accumulated the most wins for that series will collect a $50 cash prize courtesy of Matt Howell of Action Rentals. If there is a tie for first, or if there are several people are tied for first place at the end of the season, the cash will be divided up evenly among the winners for that particular series.


TSZ has already had a few contests this season, but they were under the old, “no-prize” rules, so they won’t count towards the end of season cash awards. The rules for the contests will basically stay the same, except we will start fresh with the April 30 Who Will Win contests.


Action Rentals owner Matt Howell has raced stock cars for several years in the San Antonio area and is currently competing in the USRA Truck Series.


“I love racing and I’m all for giving back to the racing community,” Howell said in announcing the Who Will Win sponsorship. “I hope this adds interest to the contests. It should make it a little more fun to take part now.”

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