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Scott finds USMTS success at Kossuth County Speedway


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Scott finds USMTS success at Kossuth County Speedway

ALGONA, Iowa (Aug. 30)--Just when he needed it most, Stormy Scott owned the night Wednesday at the Kossuth County Speedway in claiming his third win during the USMTS Hunt for the Casey's Cup powered by S&S Fishing & Rental.

After winning the opening heat race, Scott redrew the fourth starting spot and needed just five laps to take the lead away from polesitter Tyler Wolff.

From there, the 27-year-old from Las Cruces, N.M., waited out three cautions before taking the checkered flag more than eight seconds ahead of second-place finisher Ryan Gustin in the series' first visit to the Algona, Iowa, clay oval since 2010.

With two-time defending USMTS national champion Jason Hughes leading Scott in the points chase, the win was crucial in keeping the margin narrow with just five events remaining in this year's USMTS Hunt for the Casey's Cup.

Hughes, who finished fifth in Wednesday's feature race, now leads by 40 markers over Scott who is 52 points clear of Cade Dillard, who came up just three points shy of besting Hughes for the 2016 title.

Dereck Ramirez finished third in Wednesday's 35-lapper and Ricky Thornton Jr. passed Hughes on the final lap to claim the fourth spot-a feat worthy of the Wehrs Machine & Racing Products 'Trick Move' of the Race Award.

Zack VanderBeek and Jake Timm started 17th and 18th, respectively, and followed each other through the pack to finish sixth and seventh with VanderBeek nabbing the KSE Racing Products Hard Charger Award.

Josh Angst earned an eighth-place paycheck, Jake O'Neil was ninth and Wolff held on for a tenth-place finish.

Wednesday's win was also significant for Scott as it propelled him past VanderBeek and Tommy Myer on the United States Modified Touring Series all-time win list. Scott now sits alone in fifth place with 43 career victories.

With the Rancho Milagro Bonus Bucks, Scott's take home pay climbed to $5,000 for his efforts. He, along with Ramirez and VanderBeek, have not missed a USMTS race in 2017-a total of 62 nights of racing since the season-opener on Feb. 9.

On Thursday, the series heads to the Fairmont Raceway in Fairmont, Minn., for the 10th Annual USMTS Summer Spectacular where Jason Hughes is a two-time-and the most recent-winner at the 51-year-old Martin County Fairgrounds.

Other past USMTS feature winners include Mark Noble, Kelly Shryock, Ryan Gustin (two wins), Ryan Ruter, Johnny Scott, Rodney Sanders and Jason Krohn.

The pit gate opens at 4 p.m. and the grandstands open at 5. Hot laps begin at 7 with racing to follow at 7:30. Adult tickets are $20, youth (ages 11-15) are $10 and kids 10 & under are free. Pit passes are $35.

Coupons good for $2 off adult admission available at Casey's General Stores locations in Amboy, Fairmont, Sherburn, Trimont, Truman, Welcome and Winnebago plus Armstrong in Iowa. To find the location nearest you, visit www.caseys.com.

Cory Crapser and his No. 07 Mountain Dew Spiked Lemonade USMTS Modified will be at the Casey's General Store located at 202 E. Blue Earth in Fairmont from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Fans can get a special $5-off 'Hot Ticket' directly from Crapser during his appearance.

The Iron Man Challenge featuring Holley USRA Stock Cars and Out-Pace USRA B-Mods will also be in action, battling for series points as well as precious Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series national points.

The Fairmont Raceway is a high-banked 1/2-mile dirt oval located 1.0 mile south of I-90 (exit 99) on CR 39. For more information, call (507) 382-4531 or visit www.fairmontraceway.com online.

On Friday, the USMTS rolls into the Fayette County Speedway in West Union, Iowa. Saturday takes the tireless USMTS touring titans to the Deer Creek Speedway in Spring Valley, Minn., and the five-night swing wraps up Sunday at the Cresco Speedway in Cresco, Iowa.

To learn more about the United States Modified Touring Series, visit www.usmts.com online or call 515-832-7944. You can also like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/usmts, follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/usmts and Instagram at www.instagram.com/usmts or subscribe to our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/usmtstv. Keep up to speed with everything USMTS by joining our email list at www.usmts.com/subscribe.

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United States Modified Touring Series
USMTS Hunt for the Casey's Cup powered by S&S Fishing & Rental
2nd Annual USMTS Event presented by Beck's and Scott Cook Construction
Kossuth County Speedway, Algona, Iowa
Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017

Showing finishing position, starting position in parentheses, car number, driver, hometown, chassis/engine builder, laps completed and money won.

1. (2) 2s Stormy Scott, Las Cruces, N.M.
2. (3) 07 Cory Crapser, Chippewa Falls, Wis.
3. (7) 19r Ryan Gustin, Marshalltown, Iowa.
4. (4) 99 Josh Angst, Winona, Minn.
5. (8) 97 Cade Dillard, Robeline, La.
6. (1) 5r Tad Reutzel, Burt, Iowa.
7. (6) 71 Philip Houston, Odessa, Texas.
8. (5) 49k Cody Knecht, Whittemore, Iowa.
9. (9) 8c Chris Clark (R), Jackson, Wyo.

1. (2) 20 Rodney Sanders, Happy, Texas.
2. (4) 4w Tyler Wolff (R), Fayetteville, Ark.
3. (1) 1g Pat Graham, Ankeny, Iowa.
4. (7) 4r Dereck Ramirez, Woodward, Okla.
5. (5) 1s Travis Saurer (R), Elizabeth, Minn.
6. (6) 49jr Jake Timm, Winona, Minn.
7. (8) 33z Zack VanderBeek, New Sharon, Iowa.
8. (9) 1m Curt Myers, Cameron, Wis.
9. (3) 37 Mike Jergens, Plover, Iowa.

1. (1) 55 Cory Mahder (R), Eau Claire, Wis.
2. (3) 12 Jason Hughes, Watts, Okla.
3. (2) 96 R.C. Whitwell (R), Tucson, Ariz.
4. (6) 20rt Ricky Thornton Jr., Chandler, Ariz.
5. (4) 2t Jake O'Neil (R), Tucson, Ariz.
6. (5) 14 Amanda Stiffler (R), Farmdale, Ohio.
DNS - 18z Zane DeVilbiss (R), Farmington, N.M.
DNS - 14 Scott Stiffler (R), Farmdale, Ohio.

REAL RACING WHEELS "B" MAIN (8 laps, top 8 advance):
1. (3) 33z Zack VanderBeek, New Sharon, Iowa.
2. (1) 49jr Jake Timm, Winona, Minn.
3. (6) 1m Curt Myers, Cameron, Wis.
4. (10) 37 Mike Jergens, Plover, Iowa.
5. (4) 71 Philip Houston, Odessa, Texas.
6. (7) 49k Cody Knecht, Whittemore, Iowa.
7. (9) 8c Chris Clark (R), Jackson, Wyo.
DNS - 14 Amanda Stiffler (R), Farmdale, Ohio., Taylor/HRE, $90.
DNS - 18z Zane DeVilbiss (R), Farmington, N.M., DeVilbiss/DeVilbiss, $90.
DNS - 14 Scott Stiffler (R), Farmdale, Ohio., Taylor/HRE, $90.

1. (4) 2s Stormy Scott, Las Cruces, N.M., VanderBuilt/Mullins, 35, $5000.
2. (7) 19r Ryan Gustin, Marshalltown, Iowa, Hughes/Mullins, 35, $1700.
3. (3) 4r Dereck Ramirez, Woodward, Okla., LG2/Cornett, 35, $1200.
4. (11) 20rt Ricky Thornton Jr., Chandler, Ariz., Shaw/Mullins, 35, $1000.
5. (6) 12 Jason Hughes, Watts, Okla., Hughes/Mullins, 35, $900.
6. (17) 33z Zack VanderBeek, New Sharon, Iowa, VanderBuilt/Sput's, 35, $800.
7. (18) 49jr Jake Timm, Winona, Minn., MBCustoms/Sput's, 35, $700.
8. (13) 99 Josh Angst, Winona, Minn., MBCustoms/Sput's, 35, $650.
9. (15) 2t Jake O'Neil (R), Tucson, Ariz., Hughes/Mullins, 35, $600.
10. (1) 4w Tyler Wolff (R), Fayetteville, Ark., MBCustoms/Hatfield, 35, $550.
11. (14) 1s Travis Saurer (R), Elizabeth, Minn., MBCustoms/Dakota, 35, $500.
12. (19) 1m Curt Myers, Cameron, Wis., GRT/Sput's, 34, $450.
13. (21) 71 Philip Houston, Odessa, Texas, MBCustoms/KPE, 34, $425.
14. (16) 5r Tad Reutzel, Burt, Iowa, GRT/ChevPerf, 34, $325.
15. (10) 96 R.C. Whitwell (R), Tucson, Ariz., MBCustoms/Hatfield, 34, $400.
16. (22) 49k Cody Knecht, Whittemore, Iowa, Sidebiter/ChevPerf, 34, $275.
17. (23) 8c Chris Clark (R), Jackson, Wyo., GRT/Hunter, 33, $325.
18. (20) 37 Mike Jergens, Plover, Iowa, Sidebiter/KSE, 31, $250.
19. (8) 20 Rodney Sanders, Happy, Texas, MBCustoms/Hatfield, 30, $300.
20. (12) 97 Cade Dillard, Robeline, La., MBCustoms/ASI, 15, $400.
21. (9) 1g Pat Graham, Ankeny, Iowa, Victory/Karl, 12, $300.
22. (2) 07 Cory Crapser, Chippewa Falls, Wis., MBCustoms/Troy's, 3, $300.
23. (5) 55 Cory Mahder (R), Eau Claire, Wis., MBCustoms/Power Line, 2, $300.

(R) = Grant Junghans Rookie of the Year contender

Lap Leaders: Wolff 1-5, Scott 6-35.
Total Laps Led: Scott 30, Wolff 5.
Margin of Victory: 8.255 seconds.
Time of Race: 24 minutes, 55.883 seconds (3 cautions).
Provisional Starters: none.
KSE Racing Products Hard Charger: VanderBeek (started 17th, finished 6th).
Entries: 26.
Next Race: Thursday, Aug. 31, Fairmont Raceway, Fairmont, Minn.
Hunt for the Casey's Cup Points: Hughes 1667, Scott 1627, Dillard 1575, Ramirez 1545, VanderBeek 1466, Whitwell 1444, Timm 1444, Gustin 1421, Saurer 1396, Thornton 1386.
Grant Junghans Rookie of the Year Points: Whitwell 1973, Saurer 1912, Wolff 1798, DeVilbiss 1549, Adam Kates 1484.
Engine Builder of the Year Points: Mullins 497, Sput's 409, ASI 386, Hatfield 301, Cornett 286.
Manufacturers Championship Points: Hughes 490, MBCustoms 485, VanderBuilt 426, GRT 367, LG2 351.

Contingency Awards:
Allstar Performance - Angst.
American Racer - Crapser.
Beyea Custom Headers - Gustin.
BigDeal Car Care - Scott.
BSB Manufacturing - Graham.
Casey's General Stores - Angst.
Chix Gear Racewear - O'Neil.
Deatherage Opticians - Myers.
Dickson Racing Shocks - Whitwell.
E3 Spark Plugs - Ramirez.
Edelbrock - Mahder.
Fast Shafts - Sanders.
Fuel Safe Racing Cells - VanderBeek.
GRT Race Cars - Myers.
Hooker Custom Harness - Houston.
Integra Shocks & Springs - Jergens.
Jerovetz Motorsports Racing Parts - Clark.
Keyser Manufacturing - Wolff.
KSE Racing Products - VanderBeek.
Out-Pace Racing Products - Knecht.
QA1 - Scott.
Real Racing Wheels - all non-qualifiers.
Simpson Performance Products - Scott.
Sweet Manufacturing - Crapser.
Swift Springs - Scott.
Sybesma Graphics - Wolff.
Tire Demon - Saurer.
VP Racing Fuels - Scott.
Wehrs Machine & Racing Products - Thornton.
Wilwood Engineering - Timm.

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