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Lots on Tap for August 26th at Texana

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So, whats on tap for August 26th?? Lots!!!

1. First off, Greg Sexton, Victor Vargas and Mike Christians are adding to the Mod Lites / Dwarf purse. They are adding $100 to 1st, $50 to 2nd, $50 to 3rd, $50 4th, and $50 to 5th. That will start it off making it $400 to win, $250 for 2nd, $200 for 3rd, $150 for 4th, and $140 for 5th. .

2. Then, if 24 or more Mod Lites / Dwarfs show up and register to race (regardless how many start the feature), track operator Tony Blankenship is adding another $300 on top of the sponsored money with the additional $300 to the winner, making it $700 to win if 24 show up to race!!!!

3. The annual registration fee is waived for the remainder of the season!

4. This weekend the Texana School Bus is back in action at intermission with rides for the kids.

5. And, we will have the drawing for a lucky kid to pick a driver to ride with in the 2 seater pure stock during intermission!


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