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Rob Yetman gets third DIRTcar Pro Stock win at Cornwall


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Rob Yetman Gets Third DIRTcar Pro Stock win at Cornwall


By Martin Belanger

CORNWALL, ON - July 30, 2017 - A weekend trip to Eastern Ontario and Quebec was really good for Rob Yetman as he finally got a win under his belt at Cornwall Motor Speedway and won the 50-lap DIRTcar Pro Stock tour race on Sunday night.

Yetman was all smiles after capturing his first DIRTcar Pro Stock tour win at Cornwall.

"We had an idea of a setup coming here tonight but after hot laps, we threw that away and it paid off," mentioned Yetman in Victory Lane.

"It's always fun to race in Canada and great to finally win here at Cornwall in front of such a great crowd," added Yetman who had a great run with 2 wins and a third-place finish over the weekend.

CD Beauchamp received his redemption with a second-place finish after failing post-race inspection Saturday evening at Autodrome Drummond.

"I am happy," Beauchamp said. "Finishing second to Yetman is almost like a win for me. The car has been good lately for me and I feel that I will be competitive for the rest of the year."

Finishing third was defending Cornwall track champion Stephane Lebrun

"It's great to finish third. My wife told me that I should change the gear in the car before the feature but I did not listen to here and it paid off," Lebrun joked in Victory Lane.

Jocelyn Roy led the field of 23 cars to the green and a great battle for second formed as Dave Bissonnette had the advantage over Dan Older with Beauchamp and Lebrun closely behind. The battle continued up front as Older took the lead on lap five. Bissonnette slowed down on lap eight to bring out a caution, costing Older his great position.

On the restart, Beauchamp jumped to the lead with Lebrun and Yetman moving up to second and third, respectively. As the race quickly reached the halfway point, the top three remained the same with Older and George Renaud completing the top five.

Beauchamp built himself a good lead over the field as a good battle was shaping up for second between Yetman and Lebrun. Yetman used the inside lane and took second with 15 laps to go and started to pull away from Lebrun. Pascal Payeur then brought out the caution on lap 38.

On the following green, Yetman was able to pass Beauchamp for the lead before Kevin Fetterly slowed the field on the next lap.

Nobody had anything for Yetman over the last 10 laps as Yetman went on to win his third race on the DIRTcar Pro Stock tour in 2017. Beauchamp and Lebrun completed the podium.

Cornwall Motor Speedway Notebook

Another strong field of 23 cars signed-in at Cornwall. Timing and Scoring issues forced DIRTcar officials to cancel the time trial session, heat positions were determined via the initial draw.

Feature Results (50 Laps) - 1. 7 Rob Yetman, 2. 88 CD Beauchamp, 3. 6 Stephane Lebrun, 4. 55 George Renaud, 5. 33 Bruno Cyr, 6. 97 Dan Older, 7. 48 Jocelyn Roy, 8. 11a Dave Seguin, 9. 18 Bob Ray, 10. 8c Jay Corbin, 11. 4 Roch Aubin, 12. 17 Jocelyn Chicoine, 13. 8 Marc Lalonde, 14. 8x Kody Kelly, 15. 715 Gus Hollner, 16. 57k Kevin Fetterly Jr, 17. 29a Justin Desrosiers, 18. 338 Pascal Payeur, 19. 9 Eric Jean-Louis, 20. 38 Steve Chaput, 21. 2r Riley Mcmonagle, 22. 88l Jeffrey Lapalme, 23. 47. Dave Bissonette

Heat 1 (Top 4 Redraw - All Qualify) - 1. 7 Rob Yetman, 2. 338 Pascal Payeur, 3. 47 Dave Bissonette, 4. 97 Dan Older, 5. 8x Kody Kelly, 6. 18 Bob Ray, 7. 57k Kevin Fetterly Jr, 8. 33 Bruno Cyr

Heat 2 (Top 4 Redraw - All Qualify) - 1. 17 Jocelyn Chicoine, 2. 29a Justin Desrosiers, 3. 8c Jay Corbin, 4. 48 Jocelyn Roy, 5. 4 Roch Aubin, 6. 38 Steve Chaput, 7. 11a Dave Seguin, 8. 2r Riley McMonagle

Heat 3 (Top 4 Redraw - All Qualify) - 1. 6Stephane Lebrun, 2. 55 George Renaud, 3. 715 Gus Hollner, 4. 88 CD Beauchamp, 5. 88l Jeffrey Lapalme, 6. 9 Eric Jean-Louis, 7. 8 Marc Lalonde


Rob Yetman - 3 (Autodrome Granby on June 9; Albany-Saratoga on July 21; Cornwall Motor Speedway on July 30)
Robbie Speed - 1 (Utica-Rome on April 30)
Steve Larochelle - 1 (Lebanon Valley on July 22)
Jocelyn Roy - 1 (Autodrome Drummond on July 29)

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