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Pure Stock Rules Clarification / Updates


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The Pure Stock rules have been updated to provide needed clarification. Will be traveling this week and not able to monitor for questions. Thus, call 361-655-0337 if questions or you need additional clarification. Additional text is in bold below for both Suspension and Shocks. The official rules are updated on the texanaracewaypark.org website. This will be covered as well at the July 1st Drivers Meeting with the Pure Stock drivers/owners.



Front and rear suspension must be stock for that make and model with no modifications.

No alterations to any part of the suspension will be allowed.

Nonadjustable tubular type upper control arms are allowed, must use steel cross shaft.

Following part numbers allowed:

- Day Motor Sports Part # UP-41000R/L, UP-910-34394R/L, Speedway Motors 910-34394R/L or 910-31134R/L, must install right on right (8” C-C), left on left (81/2”C-C).

- Speedway Part # 910-34397-91/4.

Cannot relocate or move upper A-arm mounts on frame.

Ball joints must be OEM replacement. No extended, low friction or rebuildable type ball joints.

Upper and Lower A-Arm bushings may be replaced with OEM rubber type only.

No offset, spherical or low friction bushings allowed front or rear.

Aftermarket steel springs allowed, minimum 5 inch OD springs, rear springs may be of single or double pigtail design and fit stock spring perch on rear end, may not exceed 14 inches in free height.

No adjustable spring spacers or adjustable weight jacks of any kind, Leaf spring cars may use nonadjustable lowering blocks, must use OEM replacement rubber style bushings in front and rear

springs, rear sliders not allowed. No bump stops of any kind allowed.

Sway bars allowed, must be OEM design, with equal height/spacing on each side, no preload.


Rear springs must have a minimum on one pigtail and pigtail must be mounted to factory axle perch. Non adjustable spring bucket allowed on rearend in stock location and center of rearend. Maximum free length of spring is 14 inches. (Updated 06/20/17)



OEM stock mount replacement shocks only. Shocks can be claimed by track for $35 per shock at any time.

No air shocks. Shocks must have stock type rubber ends, no screw on type rod ends, must be mounted in stock location on frame. Shocks must fully collapse and extend.


Shocks must be mounted in stock location. Shocks can be aftermarket but cannot be rebuildable. No screw on type rod ends allowed. Must be steel bodied shocks. (Updated 06/20/17)

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single pigtail springs fit on rear axle housing pigtail down with no modifications at all, been running them that way for years, is that a problem now?

Nope problem is cars already dont have stock spring perch on rearend that were considered illegal now they can leave them and not have to put stock mounts back.

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Post says front and rear suspensions stock to model and make no alterations.This is what should have stop all argument in past.I read it as then you should not change spring perch if you did you altered simple should have never been question in first place.

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Thank you Bobby and Chuck. Language has been corrected.

This very novice team is doing a great many things right and naturally also making a few errors here and there, but learning each and every day.

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I'm trying to clarify this. Yes wording has been updated but now they say two different things right?


If you have to run a pigtail spring on a stock perch then the part about


non adjustable spring bucket on rearend needs to be removed, Bc it has to be a stock perch on rearend nothing else?




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The way I read it is you can use spring spacers. They can not be adjustable. I use spacers on my front and rear to help put wedge in a leaf sprung car. Useing different spring rates doesnt allow the desired cross weight without haveing a ridiculously high spring rate split. On Metrics, it may also be desireable to install a "NON ADJUSTABLE" Spring spacer on the springs front and rear while maintaning stock mounts and perches. They are trying to keep these cars in the stock mount formation while allowing us to still tune the car out of a wreck. Still dont see any grey here. JMO. but have been proved wrong before. K.I.S.S

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