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The NASKART Pro Racing Series RETURNS to the "Palace of Power"

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The NASKART Pro Racing Series RETURNS to the "Palace of Power",
Thanks to the

Texas Asphalt Racing Series and Raymond Delahoussaye!



When it was announced by Raymond that there would be a open practice in March at HMP,

and since Central Texas Speedway had closed it's doors, several of the NASKART Drivers
thought it would be fun and only obvious to see if we could go to practice...and show our
support for Short Track Asphalt Oval racing in Texas. With this being the only venue left to
race on asphalt, we didn't care what the cost of practice was....as long as it showed support
for the track...asphalt oval racing...and an opportunity to race for EVERYONE if it came around.


We had all the track time you could ever want on that practice day in March and even ran a few
hot laps with a few of us racing hard and swapping some positions for a few laps...to show...
we mean to race!!!


And so when one door closes...another opens. With CTS now closed....and more karts available
for an affordable cost....more drivers have bought up their inventory and are poised to make their
invasion into the NASKART Pro Racing Series and into Houston Motorsports Park!! And when
you mention Houston Motorsports Park to any past NASKART Driver....they will come outta the
woodworks to come race and rejoin their NASKART family!


Which brings us to where the NASKART Pro Racing Series can proudly say that we have the
minumum driver/kart count, and then some, to create the opportunity to race in the
"Liberty Bell 200 at Houston Motorsports Park" on Saturday, July 8th, 2017!!


Remember, "These A'int your Daddy's YARDKARTS!" And stay tuned as the
NASKART Pro Racing Series will have a sponsor announcement soon!


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