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The TRP Summer Showdown (Note date is for June)


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We made a preliminary announcement of this at the drivers meeting on April 8th, but please note the dates below (Not in May as there are too many graduations occurring on the initially desired weekend).


Texana Raceway Park is back like never before. Opening night was awesome and last weekend, The Largest Easter Egg Hunt in Edna, Texas History was phenomenal. Coming up on April 22nd will be the "Final Four Spring Spectator Racer Championships", which we will be detailing further in another post. And, then on May 8th it is the very popular 50-cent Hotdog and 50-cent soda night.


More to come on this, but mark your calendars now, because we are preparing for a tremendous two day show on June 16 & 17. Plus practice available on June 15th. It's The TRP Summer Showdown!!! We will get all of this detailed further in the weeks ahead, but here are the main items:

*Limited Mods, Street Stocks, Mod Lites and Pure Stocks

*Texana class rules with the exception that Pure Stocks will be allowed aluminum body panels

*You will love the purse. Already have the framework for what we will do and will announce the purse soon. A teaser... Would you like $1,000 to win in Limiteds and $750 to win in Pure Stocks as just a couple of examples and good payout down ?

*Points will be waived / not kept for this event

*Annual car registration fee will be waived this weekend

*Entry fee for car and driver is $75 for Friday and Saturday. Drivers will be given a designated color pit pass that will carry them for Friday / Saturday. Drivers pay one time and you're done.

*Want to show up and try to qualify on Saturday only. That is ok. $75 entry fee for car and driver if Saturday only.

*Pit passes for all others $25 each day.

*Thursday Practice pit passes $20 for everyone including drivers. General admission will be free on Thursday.

*We will be on a sponsorship drive to support the advertised purse which will be an asset to the track itself the more we acquire. But purse will be a guaranteed purse.


So, there are some basics and we will get more information flowing soon. But, did want to let you start marking your June calendar.

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