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Great night of racing.


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Last night was another successful night of racing at I37. Track is coming in and getting predictable and drivers are figuring it out. It reminds me a lot of RGS as it is becoming a slick but very raceable surface. Good car counts and lots of action. Somebody will post results Im sure.


Our Sport Compact class is growing and the drivers are adapting to dirt from pavement rather nicely. Ages ranging from 67 to 16 and learning every race as am I. I want to thank I37 for having this venue and Im sure it will keep growing. Now if we could just figure a way to up the purse a little.............lol


I know theres a lot more of you mini stock racers on the fence waiting to see how this deal goes. I tell you jump in and go. No need to look around, the racing is right here !

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