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Grandsport this Saturday, April 8, for the 3rd test and tune session


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Who's ready for session number three at Grandsport Speedway this Saturday, April 8?


Last time out we had several Legacys show up and we had a blast. Several of the cars who struggled the first time out back in February, have come a long way with their road course program and looked good out there.


This time James is negotiating with the track to allow us to have a "running start" for at least two of our sessions instead of a "staggered start." This will allow us some friendly, no-contact competition - sort of like a race, but not really a race from the track's point of view since it's an "open session" from their perspective. If you get what I mean... LOL...


Anyway, the track's mandatory driver's meeting is at 9 and we should be able to get several - four or five - twenty minute sessions throughout the day. If you have questions, give James Huff or me a shout and we'll do our best to answer.


Also, we have decided to forgo the CoTA NASA event due to the very high cost of running this event. Anyone NASA member can still sign up to run it, but we won't be going as a Lone Star Legacy group. But we are definitely planning on going to the Texas World Speedway event towards the end of April, so let's get our NASA membership stuff done.



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